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Technology Consulting & IT Services For Businesses Across Maine

Where Can Your Maine-Based Business Turn For Reliable & Trustworthy Technology Services?

Open Source Business Solutions | Open Source CRM | Open Source ERP | Web Development | Managed IT Services

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Does your business suffer from:

  • Disorganized documents?
  • Manual processes?
  • Inefficient customer Service ?
  • Multiple versions of documents?
  • To many spreadsheets?
  • Double Entry?
  • Old technology?
  • No automated workflows
  • limited collaboration?
  • Limited reporting, no real time management dashboards?

Does your Network Infrastructure suffer from:

  • Software Licensing Control
  • Hard Drive Failure and Fragmentation
  • Hardware Failure
  • Outdated Windows Updates and Service Packs
  • Outdated Firmware
  • Outdated Antivirus Definitions
  • Unmanaged Event and Error Logging
  • Network Address Duplication
  • Unexpected Hardware Change Awareness

Thinking About Hiring Pegas Technology Solutions As Your Managed IT Services Partner In Maine, New Hampshire or Massachusetts? How We Can Help Your Business:

  • We perform analyse of your current processes, procedures, and systems to identify any bottlenecks.
  • We understand your business is unique and every client is seeking different insights and solutions. We provide you with a precise Open Source solution that meets your requirements and operational needs.
  • Pegas Technology Solutions helps you integrate and implement the new software with minimum disruption to your business. We provide training, ongoing support and provide a roadmap that moves your business forward in a cost-effective manner.

As our CLIENT you enjoy the cost savings, improved efficiency, and better insights to your business!

Dedication. Innovation. Trust. – Ready For A New IT Services Provider For Your Maine or New England Business?

Pegas Technology Solutions services are tried and tested and are being used by businesses around the State of Maine. We are not your typical Technology Company, we are driven to see the success of our clients and our community.


A complete suite of software that incorporates all of your processes and data into single application for your business.

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Manage your sales pipeline, communication, and reports in an effective way seeing to all of your customer needs.

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Virtualization is a reliable, proven software technology that has evolved to support many aspects of the IT Industry.

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Managed IT Services

We managed the technology that runs your business by taking a proactive approach. We ensure you are secure. So you can focus more on your business objectives.

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Web Design

Every business needs a website that converts customers and we strategically develop engaging websites which captivate your audiences mind and interest.

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Utilizing shopping cart technology will naturally increase sales and conversion rates by increasing online visibility and strengthening customer relationships.

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Cloud Computing

Often browser-based applications that can scale on demand to fit your business needs in a highly secure cloud infrastructure.

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Document Management

Store, achieve and retrieve documents in a secure environment. Using our solutions you will have access from any device, anywhere.

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And so much more

At Pegas we offer a wide range of services. Each of us bring a wealth of knowledge to our team and to your business.

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Don’t know where to start?

Contact us at 207 313 4821 to request a no-charge business process assessment!

Let us find the bottlenecks holding back your company. We can help you get control of the technology that runs your company. Drive revenue back to your business!

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Why You Should Choose Pegas For Your IT Needs


We offer software solutions that can be customized to your business requirements. Often you can achieve this without writing code.


As an open source software solutions provider we don’t sell licenses. We solve our clients problems and believe in strong customer service.


We stand behind our software and managed services. In any event that something is not functioning properly be rest assured that we will take care of it.


We offer many methods of training. In a classroom setting or online we cover it all. So you get to know how to use the solution you paid for.


Do you have any questions regarding your solution or need support for services? We offer many service levels to solve your problems quickly and within budget.

Open source Software

We develop open source solutions that have been designed to solve your businesses needs in an innovative and cost effective way. Saving your business money and time.

Why You Should Consider Using Open Source Software In Your Next Project

In their 2015 Future of Open Source Survey Results, North Ridge and Black Duck Software identified key reasons why so many modern businesses are using open source software. The use of open source software has been on the rise for some time. Companies are deploying open source software solutions not just for the benefit of cost savings, but also for the freedom to customize the code as they see fit. My predictions are that open source software solutions will stay on the rise and will eventually become the first choice for many businesses.

Companies said their organization's use of open source increased 93%
Respondents said their companies run part or all of its operations on Open Source 78%
Respondents said their company creates software for customers built on open source. 66%
Respondents saying they consider Open source software before other option 66%
Respondents of companies currently participate in open source projects. 64%
Respondents think open source software scales better 58%
Respondents believe open source delivers superior security 55%
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