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Our Five Phase Model Leading Your IT Infrastructure to Success

Learn How Our Five Phase Model Will Help Your Business.

In the modern world, technology is evolving at an exponential rate. As technology experts, we help you make an informed decision on a large variety of technology-related topics. Pegas consultants guide you through your best options for development, hardware, data migrations, implementations, and much more.

At Pegas we follow a five-phase model when we provide consulting service for our clients in the Central Maine region and beyond. Bering experts in information technology industry allow us to deliver to our clients the best technology solution available. Most of our clients are small to medium business, just like you, and we know that every dollar impacts their bottom line. We provide solutions that fit your needs and we don’t over-engineer. Our solutions are designed to grow with your business so they don’t become barriers in the future.

Our Five Phase Model

We Perform An Assessment Of Your Current Computer Systems

Pegas Technology Solutions employs a proven methodology for software and managed IT deployment. Our model begins with a system assessment where we determine your business requirements before work begins.  This minimizes development and deployment times and decreases re-work rates.  At Pegas Technology Solutions we leverage free Open Source software for our client’s solutions allowing for clients systems to be customized for the business they own.  We deliver the fill source code to eliminate vendor lock-in.

We Plan And Design Your New Systems

Pegas Technology Solutions planning phase includes the design of all basic functions, a Gap Analysis to define any custom development efforts, a Data Migration Strategy from your current solutions, and a System Integration Design to determine any external systems that need to be integrated.

We Implement The New Systems For Your Company

Pegas Technology Solutions implementation strategy manages a technical programming and customization efforts with agile project management to successfully connect the client and Pegas Technology Solutions to ensure that all of the business ejectives and goals are achieved and not just the technical programming.

We Train Your Employees To Use The New System

The key to a successful deployment of any software solution is the training of the company employees and their ongoing support. Users must be effectively trained on the change of the company’s business processes and the solutions functions. Common training programs focus too much on the technical details and general functions of the software. This approach often leaves the employee confused. We focus our training on how the solution affects the induvial end user, allowing them to be successful on the system while possessing a full understanding of how to do their job.

Support for The New Systems

Pegas offers a single point of contact via its Customer Service Desk. Ensuring that you and your employees have a way to escalate any questions, issues, or bugs that need to be addressed. Pegas is a proponent of ITIL as a best practice methodology for delivering and supporting IT services

Why Choose Pegas

We would love to help your business become more productive and to solve your Information Technology needs. Give us a call at 207 313 4821 to get started today.

Contact us today to start your Free 60-Day Managed IT Services trial. This service will change your business, overnight. It will empower your employee’s and give management better tools for success.

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