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Learn How Sostac Will Help Your Business.

Most digital agencies, that build websites and marketing campaigns, do so without employing any particular methodology. Pegas Technology Solutions has built responsive and digital marketing strategies for customers for years. When we began we didn’t follow a method for our projects. Our thinking was: we are a lean startup and we need to stay agile as a company and for our clients. Over time we realized that our thinking was flawed. While meeting our client’s demands, our methods were inconsistent. Starting in 2015 we instituted the SOSTAC methodology designed by PRSmith. This model has proven to be an industry standard and is recognized as a driving force behind today’s most successful businesses. It elevated our project quality and created greater consistency across for all our clients. Using this methodology we have helped our clients successfully redesign their websites to become lead generation engines for their businesses. We have helped them build effective marketing campaigns and regularly watch the growth that comes from our combined efforts.

What is Sostac

Situation Analysis: Our Client's Starting Point.

When we begin work with a new client we need to understand your current situation.  This process starts by adding our analytic software to your website and social media accounts. We like PIWIK and Google Analytics. This allows us to build a profile of who your customers are and how long they are engaging with your brand. It provides a wealth of technical information like keywords, location, how long they have been browsing your site, and their primary interests. We need to know why people are using your product or service and how they fit into everyday life.

Objectives: What Our Client Wants To Accomplish.

In this stage, we look at your business. Who you are and what drives your business? Every business has a story and your website needs to tell that story unequivocally.  What is your mission?  What are your objectives?  Why are you in business? What makes you different from your competitors?  Most websites fail to do this.  They fail to capture the essence of the business and fail to capture the customer’s attention which often means losing the customer to the competition.

Strategy: The Campaign Outline.

Here, we break-up the target market into a segment of consumers who revolve around your market. Then we develop strategies to reach each segment through the most effective media outlets. Not everyone will be on social media, your website, or your mobile app. Once we know what segments we need to target we are then able to develop relevant content and start to advertise to your customers. This can be done on a large scale, such as to businesses groups or professional associations, or as small as to a single individual.

Tactics: The Approaches We Employ Throughout The Campaign.

Now we implement the strategies devised through website design and functionality, social media, keywords, social campaigns and blog posts. We employ a great number of tools to achieve this goal. We use Socioboard, an Open Source social media marketing tool, and (currently, in beta) a tool that allows campaigns to be built through a Gantt builder.

Action: Activities Throughout The Campaign.

Here we start the campaign and all the hard work laid out in the plan begins pay off. We call this the 5 W’s Action Phase. An important action development is determining the Key Performance Indicators which are monitored during the campaign.

  • Who will be carrying out the campaign
  • What will be carried out in the plan (content, images, video…etc.)
  • When will we start the campaign and what dates will we post
  • Where will the content and material be posted
  • Why will particular content be submitted to one site and not another?

Control: Campaigns Are Monitored And Analyzed.

This phase focuses on analytics, analysis and, KPI’s so we know what has worked and what has not. Pegas has had the most success with using two Open Source projects called PIWIK, and Socioboard. Using these two software programs we create a dashboard of all social media outlets and communicate from a central location (Socioboard). PIWIK tracks events, conversion rates, A/B testing, real-time updates, and other key metrics.

Why Choose Pegas

We are ready to help your business become more productive and to solve your web design, development, and marketing needs. Call us at (207) 313-4821 and get started today.

Contact us today to start your Free 60 Day Managed IT Services trial. This services will change your business, overnight.  It will empower your employee’s and give management better tools for success.

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