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Open Source Software


Open Source Software

Open source software is distinctive in the fact it’s free to use and download. You don’t have to worry about pre-sale people calling you to set up a demo or a trial you can do it yourself to see what fits your business. Many enterprise-level open source applications can save you money and work for your company. If you have skills to successfully implement, know how to use, and know how to support the application, then you have the ultimate

Freedom of your business.

At Pegas Technology Solutions we leverage free open source software for our client’s solutions. This allows for solutions to be customized for their business that they own. We deliver them the fill source code to eliminate vendor lock-in.

Benefits of open source software

Dependability and Security

Mature open source code based can be used in production for years without failures. Since the code is out in front of many developers security flaw in the code are fixed quickly.

Vendor Lock-In

With open source software, you don’t have to worry about the vendor going out of business or mergers. There is also a wealth of open source software that is backed by commercial companies that offer support for their software, but the software is free.

Total Cost of Ownership

Open source software total cost of ownership is cheaper because the software is usually free and if you need support or an enterprise version, it is typically cheaper than windows that require new hardware more often every install needs an AV and other security add-ons.

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Contact us today to start your Free 60 Day Managed IT Services trial. Using this services could change your business overnight. We will empower your employee’s and give management better insights into the business.

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