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Windows vs Linux


Windows vs. Linux

Windows is the Operations systems is a standard in the small business of large enterprises. The operating system can offer a platform for most service that you need. It is easy to administer based on the fact that there is a GUI to do everything that you need. The Linux kernel has seen a rapid growth in the market share over the last few years. They have been able to offer a stable, Secure and a cheaper TCO over time. Linux also experiences less virus and attacks than windows servers. In my option, Linux is better suited for a server environment for these reasons


Linux Servers can be used in production for years without failures; also being to handle to handle all larger number of process running than it windows counterpart. Linux also can have updates and configurations change without needing to be restarted. Security The default install of Linux is secure by default and lets the admin choose to allow only access to the server that the end user needs. Windows is usually wide open upon install and require the admin to secure it allowing for security gaps.

Vendor Lock-In

With Linux, you don’t have to buy a CAL for every user, and other typical license windows servers have. There is also a wealth of open source software that is backed by commercial companies that offer support for their software, but the software is free.


Windows server usually requires a hardware update upon updating the OS. This Force you to buy a new server and also an upgrade license for the OS. Linux can run on older hard because it doesn’t require the resources.

Total Cost of Ownership

Linux total cost of ownership is cheaper because the software is usually free and if you need support or an enterprise version, it is typically cheaper than windows that require new hardware more often every install needs an AV and other security add-ons

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