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Understanding Managed IT Services

Introduction As a business owner, you hear buzzwords every day “Cloud Services” or ”Managed IT Services,” and it seems like every business is jumping on

Nextcloud for Business

Nextcloud works similar to Dropbox other than the fact that it is a free and open source software which allows any user to install and

How Azure Can Help Your Business

Microsoft Azure is the gathering of matched cloud services that designers and IT experts use to assemble, send, and oversee applications through our worldwide system

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a CRM

Introduction Whether you realize it or not, customer relationship management (CRM) plays an indispensable role in a business of all sizes and niches. While the

Bitwarden for Business

One of the best things about bitwarden is that it is an open source password management software and the code is available on a website

What Are Amazon Web Service

You might have come across cloud services and certainly more frequently now than ever. Amazon Web service which is more commonly known as AWS is

What Is An Open Source Software?

For someone who is not too much into the computer field, the term “open source” may sound absolutely original. Fundamentally speaking, it refers to anything

FreeIPA a Linux Directory Server

FreeIPA is one of the best security information management solution that is available in the market. It combines different systems such as 389 directory servers,

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