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Business Process Management (BPM)

Organizations that apply BPM benefit from the services that it has to offer. BPM tools available today create a bridge between the business processes, and it’s IT department. Increased communication means problems can be ascertained and fixed with technological solutions.

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Pegas offers expert Business Process Management Consulting & Development Services ensuring Key Stakeholders are involved in BPM Implementation and providing a rapid ROI

Business Process Management is all about monitoring, identifying, studying, and changing the business processes to ensure that businesses run smoothly and efficiently. Effective operations are essential for a cost-efficient organization. It is a practice encompassing wide-range of techniques and methodologies designed to improve processes associated with a business.  BPM’s main goal is a reduction of human error and miscommunication so stakeholders can focus on the requirements of their roles.

BPM is not a technology, but a tool that helps streamline all business processes.  It is a way of correcting, formalizing and, improving existing methods. By concentrating on outcomes rather than tasks, employees focus on goals is maintained. Examples of BPM strategies that enhance workflow and efficiency include correcting and improving processes before automation, assigning ownership of projects, allowing constant improvement, and standardizing tasks.

Business Process Management Benefits

Data Security

An ERP system offers advanced user permission settings which help you control employee access. Protecting your sensitive data and keeping it out of the wrong hands becomes possible through an ERP system.

Employee Satisfaction

Business processes are documented through BPM giving employees access to all the information they need to focus solely on the core tasks of their job.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliances need to be met and strictly adhered to for every industry, especially the manufacturing industry. BPM features enable you to keep track of all operations that need to follow regulations so that you stay on top.


Small to medium-size businesses can save thousands of dollars each quarter by better controlling their billing disputes.  This is achieved through the application of BPM.

Enhanced Productivity

Automating repetitive tasks, removing bottlenecks, employing parallel processing, and eliminating irrelevant steps are just some of the functionalities of BPM that enhance productivity.

Cost Effective

Small to medium-size businesses who streamline their processes, maximize their productivity and efficiency through BPM rather than repeatedly cutting their expenses to reduce costs.

BPM solutions suited for small to medium businesses

Open Source BPM

Business Process Management (BPM) is a form of operations management that helps to improve the performance of a business.

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Activiti BPM

Activiti is a BPM engine that is compact, fast, and simple; offering the benefits of Open Source and Workflow Management software.

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Contact us today to discuss your Business Process Management needs. We have solutions to cover all your business processes, from incoming customers orders to the warehouse and to fulfilling orders.

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