Waterville Maine Technology Consultants

Small to Medium Business Technology Challenges

Discover How Pegas Technology Solutions can increase the efficiency of your business. Our open source solutions eliminate double-entry, decentralized data, and gives a 360 view of your business.

As your business grows you can rapidly outpace your software:

If you’re like most of us your business started with a dream, a laptop, and lots of caffeine. As your business grows and you start to hire more employees, some of the applications that served you so well start to force you into a box. It no longer allows for the flexibility your business requires and starts to limit you. Too often we can lose focus on the bigger picture of our business because we don’t have a preliminary point for key metrics.

As time goes on we often find:

  • That reports don’t give relevant information on what is actually happening in the company.
  • You have found that customers orders are not getting fulfilled causing them to find a new supplier.
  • You start to find that top priority projects are not getting completed within a reasonable time and missing deadlines.

Over time you work harder to compensate.

Many businesses are still driven by manual processes that are tedious and expensive. With the use of Open Source software, you can automate your processes saving your company time and money. Allowing you to focus more attention on growing your business.

You will benefit from the following:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity especially from ERP software, systems integration, improved workflow, and automation
  • Streamlined workflows to reduce double entry that cause errors and revisions allowing your orders to be filled on time.
  • Our systems will provide management with real insight into their business so they can make informed decisions and increase revenue

Small business should not have to suffer through inferior solutions because of high costs. We offer enterprise-level solutions and support to bring the best solutions to your business needs. We create backups and utilize great security measures in order to alleviate your stress. With Pegas Technology Solutions as a partner, your small business will be granted access to technological solutions that are regularly reserved for large enterprises.

We offer you:

  • Voice over IP phone (VOIP) Systems
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Security Solutions, Firewall, and Web Content Filtering
  • Virtualized Servers, Virtual Private Networks
  • Security Policy Management and Administration
  • Software Solutions, ERP, CRM, HRM, DMS, and EHR