What are Google Apps


Google Apps is a collection of cloud computing tools, applications, and products that were developed by Google. Google Apps may be categorized into four main groups:

  • Communication – Gmail, Google +, Calendar, and Hangouts
  • Storage – Drive
  • Collaboration – Docs, Forms, Sites, Slides, Sheets, and Jam board
  • Management – Admin

Customers do not pay for the services mentioned above; however Google Apps does possess enterprise features. The features include custom email addresses on a given domain, the choice for unlimited cloud storage based on the package and number of users, extra administrative tools, advanced configurations as well as around the clock phone and email support.

Google Apps runs on Google’s data centers meaning data and information is stored immediately then linked to alternative data centers for backing up. Below are the products for Google Apps

  • Gmail – a web-based email service with massive amounts of user space for its users, threaded conversations as well as reliable search abilities.
  • Google Docs, Slides, Forms and Sheets – Google Docs is a word processor application, Slides is a presentation application and Forms is a spreadsheet application. Users use them to view and modify documents, presentations, and spreadsheets in real-time via a browser. The services do not need manual saving and revisions are maintained to monitor alterations. Google Forms is a tool that enables users to capture information through a customized survey or quiz. The information is automatically saved and linked to a spreadsheet.
  • Google Sites – a creation tool which enables several users to generate and modify websites without necessarily needing knowledge in programming or web design. Its aim was to assist users rapidly collect different kinds of information in a single location.
  • Google Calendar – an online calendar meant to assist users to remain aware of time and schedules. It is linked with Gmail for clients to conveniently include events from emails straight to the calendar.
  • Google Hangouts – a messaging service that utilizes technology from various communication services created by Google. It uses text, audio and video conversations with up to 25 members taking part at the same time in video conversations. Google Hangouts also work on various platforms such as Android, web, and iOS.
  • Google+ – a social networking service that allows users to communicate with each other on a more detailed level by making use of communities, posts, and comments on various interests. It simplifies the ability of people to talk about and share ideas and concepts regardless of place or position.
  • Google Keep – a note-taking service with a collection of features for notes.
  • Google Vault – an archiving and e-discovery service.
  • Jam board – a digital interactive whiteboard which allows for collaborative meeting and coming up with ideas.

Google Apps allows potential clients to sign up for it and get a two week trial for a maximum of 10 users. Google Apps Basic goes for a monthly fee of $5 while Google Apps for Business has a monthly fee of $10. Google Apps for Education is free.

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