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Competitor Awareness – who are they and what do they do.

Most businesses don’t know who they are competing with and at the end of the day, you could be generating more revenue for your business if you knew.

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Competitor Awareness

When Pegas Web Design starts any website development or marketing project we perform a comprehensive analysis of where you are and where you want to be. We will develop a plan to get you there.

To be on top, you need to be aware of your competition. Where do your competitors outperform you? What can you do to take back your podium? Pegas Technology Solutions Inc. Can identify your competitors and what kind of consumers they have. We can then help you market towards your missing consumers by utilizing offline strategies and ranking systems.

Who are your Competitors?

First, we do intensive research to find direct online competitors. Then we can distinguish what areas, targets, keywords, and marketing they are entering. Our Software analyzes you, competitors, though many tens of thousands of websites determined by keywords and phrases.

Understanding Competitors

By taking the essential insight gained from your competition we can identify competitor threat levels and make a list of your greatest competitors. Using the questions who, what, when, where, why, and how we can identify what competitor strategies are working and how to implement your version into your company.

Competitor Gain and Loss

After competitor identification, you can develop a history of your competitor’s success and failure. This insight will allow us to implement a digital marketing campaign to succeed where your competition does and where your completion cannot.

Competitor Monitoring

Pegas Technology Solutions Inc. will monitor your competitors and create a competitive timeline of ups and downs with your rivals. We can create alerts for when one of your competitors outranks you in keywords and phrasing within an area.

Get started with our competitor research services today. Our expert marketing team will help you evaluate your competition and establish clear goals for your business.

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