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Social Media Marketing, Maine

Learn how many local business owners are starting to turn their websites into assets for their business. They are now generating more leads to bring in more customers.

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Social Media Management Services

Social media has revolutionized businesses. Small businesses and brick-and-mortar businesses have resorted to social media to build their online brand reputation and to engage their online community. Yet, social media management in itself can become intimidating. Do not worry, because our social media managers will build and engage your online community with valuable content.

To make an impact in the online world, businesses should maintain social media accounts to keep in touch with their online community. Regularity is the key. You cannot post all at once. It is an ongoing process. Having a well-maintained social media account develops your brand’s awareness, builds your relationship with your audience, and increases your site exposure. Our agency will help you manage your social media accounts so that all you need to worry about are turning your leads into conversions and getting your Return of Investment (ROI) .

Highly Effective Email Campaigns

Social Media is one of the most effective way to interact with your ideal customers and you will start to generate leads in no time. Take time to build out quality content and images or videos to catch you customers eyes.=

For small businesses that are just starting, establishing their brand on social media can be daunting. That is true because social media management involves a number of small tasks. You need not worry. Our team of experts will help you layout and execute an effective social media marketing plan to build your online brand, establish an online community, and boost your business’ credibility.

In managing our clients’ social media accounts, we assign each account to a social media manager. Social media managers are responsible for creating and implementing a marketing strategy. They will also be the ones whom our clients will reach out to. Afterward, they will conduct an analysis of your target market and competitors. These will be used to develop a strategy, create content and ads. Our social media managers will be responsible for the maintenance, tracking, and reporting on the performance of your social media accounts.

Social Media Marketing Services

Creation of Social Media Accounts

If your brand does not have social media accounts yet, we can assist you in creating new ones. Our social media managers will have your brand identity in mind in your account creation and setup. We will also make sure that your social media accounts reach your target buyers. We can also help you fix your social media accounts to align them with your brand identity and goals.

Social Media Management

What makes social media management challenging? Regular posting, quick response to customer inquiries. You can only establish and grow your brand online if you regularly manage your social media accounts by posting, commenting, and responding to customer inquiries. Don’t know what to do? Our agency will gladly assist you in creating a strong social media presence.

Sponsored Ad Campaigns

We recommend investing in social media advertisements, if your company has the budget. This is because paid ads will allow you to reach out to your target customers quickly. With that, you have more chances of placing sales. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offer paid advertisements that you can create based on your brand’s identity and marketing goals.

Social Media Marketing Packages

Each social media platform is unique and has its own strong point. Facebook is a good starting point for establishing your brand. Facebook has more older user than younger ones. The platform you choose depends on your buyer persona and demographics. We will help you identify which platform/s is/are best for your brand, products, or services.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Social Media Marketing And Management

Social media management does not happen overnight. But, with regularity and constant interaction with your online community, you can expect results. In fact, your account and posts can even go viral – which is good news for your business. With that, you can expect a sizeable number of followers, positive customer feedback, and increased site traffic.

Almost all big and small companies nowadays have their social media accounts. This is because they have seen the outcome of marketing on social media. With more and more users turning to social media to satisfy their consumer needs, it is no doubt becoming a necessity for a business to start and maintain their social media accounts.

Ideally, your business should at least have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn account. But, if you find it too cumbersome to manage multiple social accounts, we can just recommend focusing and being active on just one or two social accounts. Companies have already invested millions of dollars on social media platforms. We will help you choose which platforms are perfect for your brand identity and marketing goals.

When you subscribe to our social media management services, we will provide you with a full-time access to our analytics to check the performance of your accounts as well as your ad campaigns. Our software can track clicks, traffic, downloads, and responses so that you can easily check whether your accounts are making returns for you. Based on these, we can make the necessary adjustments. We also generate reports based on these data, which you can monitor weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Our social media managers will also monitor your accounts’ comments, reviews, and messages. They will ensure that you respond to potential customers’ inquiries quickly.

We recommend doing so. This is because a lot of companies out there are already investing in social media advertisements. Advertisements are meant to create and affirm brand familiarity and awareness. If your brand is constantly in the exposure, your customers and prospects can easily remember it. Remember, you get what you pay for. If you pay social media platforms to advertise for you, you can see positive results. However, since this involves money, a lot of careful planning and strategizing is involved. That is where we come to play. We will help you plan, strategize, and design your ads so that no money is wasted.

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