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Waterville Maine Digital Marketing Consultants

Website analytics – Know who your customers are and what they want.

All of the traffic on your website can help tell you a story about who your customers are and how they are spending time on your site.

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Data Monitoring Analytic’s

When Pegas Web Design starts any website development or marketing project we perform a comprehensive analysis of where you are to where you want to be. We will develop a plan to get you there.

With innovative design and development, our data analysis allow us to produce better, informed solutions to problems. Our data analysis will help us make SEO adjustments that will improve the performance of your web pages such as improved load speeds.

What and how we track

We record and examine all past performances which allow technological evolution to be at a greater than average rate. Pegas Technology Solutions Inc. Utilizes there right SEO tools and interprets statistics in many forms like all other companies, but what we also access internet marketing performance in multiple dimensions. To optimize your online marketing and compare it to your competitors.

Data collection and compiling

After collecting the wealth of data, we can compile reports that will reveal strengths and weaknesses. We can now determine how to reinforce or buildup different implements and strategies. These changes will be determined by data like:

  • Who is visiting your website?
  • Where are these visitors from and what is their background?
  • Who is converting and Why?

Data analytics

Knowles is great unless you do not know how to use it. All this data can be overwhelming and confusing. Pegas Technology Solutions Inc. With your companies data, in comparison to market and competitor data, we can design, develop, and produce in-depth reports with content strategy. Evolution Pegas Technology Solutions Inc. Proactively tests and optimizes site content to allow our customers to be ahead of the game. With SEO tools we can track a variety of events providing metrics on scrolling, clicks, mouse heat maps, etc… We like to keep you ahead of technology, thus leaving your competitors to try to keep up. WordPress Plugin We can provide WordPress, Joomla, Drupal plugins which offer to track engagement with specific website elements such as interactions on social media, digital downloads, submissions, and any other trackable link.

Get in touch today to start discussing your website analytics. Our SEO Experts can help you determine what the major issues are, and determine the best approach to fix them.

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