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IT For Manufacturing

Technology and Manufacturing go hand in hand. Constant innovation to produce products faster and more efficiently drives factory processes now more than ever. New technologies have created revolutions in several areas, and today’s IT solutions are no different. Our experts have selected powerful resource planning software, lightning fast communications tools, and airtight security solutions.  Take a look below to see what solutions and strategies we offer, and when you have some time to talk, give us a call. Request a quote

Explore Manufacturing IT solution provided by Pegas that can increase your customer’s satisfaction, maximize sales, and improve your businesses efficiency.

The manufacturing industry is under pressure to optimize its processes and strategies for efficiency and keep with the changing trends and technological advancements to have solid and beneficial strategies for the future. Most manufacturing companies consist of a small IT department responsible for handling the automated production processes and the technology the company runs on. Even small problems, when not dealt with correctly, can disrupt the whole work process and cause downtime. Today, it is more important than ever to move with the times and adopt new development processes and strategies to keep up with the competition. This makes the need to have a strong and able IT infrastructure more important than ever. Outsourcing to Pegas Technology Solutions for managed IT service can ensure that you’re ahead of the curve with technology solutions that will allow you be more competitive in the marketplace. We deploy what you need and keep your manufacturing company’s technology running smoothly.

Explore how we are helping the manufacturing companies with managed services

Extension of IT Department

The IT service providers work with, and as an extension of, the existing IT department. Whether you have to make-up for tech staff going on vacation or for the installation of a new system that trained, experienced professionals work to handle both large and small scale tasks like providing technical support to the staff or customers.

Solution Before the Problem

Instead of waiting for a problem to occur why not stop it before it starts. If a company’s MRP or EMP goes down, it can cause a lot of trouble. Professional IT service providers continuously monitor the system and maintain it offering proactive support.


Employing IT consultation allows a manufacturer to benefit from years of work experience in a single meeting. Professional IT consultation can allow for successful integration and development of IT needs into plans for the future of the company. With the increase in automation, manufacturers are also seeking to use computers and robots as much as possible to increase productivity and performance as well as cut down on costs. All this can be achieved through careful consultation with IT professionals.

Agile IT Infrastructure

An IT infrastructure designed to diagnose and solve problems quickly is a major requirement for any company. Trained professionals can remedy problems before they occur and can seamlessly integrate with new and upgraded systems and hardware. Their core focus is always the improvement and smooth running of the IT infrastructure of a company so it can focus on its business instead of running its full-scale IT department.

Cloud Hosting

Managed IT services give reacquire the attention on tolerant care and raise benefit levels for the social insurance staff by outsourcing the Information Technology exercises. They give one of a kind Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud facilitating arrangements.

Backup and Recovery

The backup of a company’s network and storage is necessary in the case of some damage coming to it or data being lost. IT service providers provide numerous backup solutions as well as recovery solutions so the data is always safe and can be recovered if it is lost.

Dedication. Innovation. Trust. – Ready For A New IT Services Provider For Your Maine or New England Manufacturing Company.

Partner with a Professional IT Provider for your manufacturing company. We are experts and will provide you with cost-effective solutions that will have a rapid return on investment.

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