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We Offer Affordable Multi Cloud Consulting Services

Managed Cloud Services

Pegas Technology Solitons offers consulting and the deployment of  Managed Cloud Services.  Set your business on the right track with lower capital expenses and start using the cloud today.

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Managed Cloud Services

A managed cloud is one of the best ways for a business to utilize the benefits of cloud computing solutions without having to spend excessive capital. It involves handing over the management of all your cloud services, including platforms and any components you are using, to a managed cloud service provider that oversees the efficient and effective running of your cloud for you.

Employing cloud solutions has become important for every organization today. You can hire technical staff, assistants, and engineers to look after the maintenance and smooth running of your availed cloud services, but that is a costly solution most small to medium-sized businesses can’t afford. Managed cloud lets the service provider’s technical specialists manage and look after your cloud for you so that your employees can focus more on availing and making use of the acquired cloud services instead of spending their time maintaining and operating them.

Managed cloud providers offer services that allow a business to be leaner and efficient, and enable them to focus on their core business functions instead of managing their cloud or even hiring costly professionals.

Benefits of Managed Cloud Services

Save on Costs

Outsourcing the management of your cloud helps you control and save on network maintenance costs. Having a fully functioning IT department is a drain on the budget as well, something you don’t need when you choose for your cloud to be managed by a service provider.

Configuration Management

When you acquire a new technology or service, your employees will need to train to be able to use it. Our cloud technicians, on the other hand, are already prepared and skilled to manage even the latest technology, software, or cloud platform.

High Availability

Managed clouds are designed on the structure of a private cloud. This means it has built-in redundancy and can update, maintain and adjust hardware without a maintenance window.


Managed clouds can employ dedicated and secure VLANs, firewalls, and IDS/IPS, which enables them to provide the same level of security and in many cases better than your own local network.

Hybrid Servers

Some demanding applications and database engines require dedicated servers. These too can be integrated to run with a network of cloud servers to create a hybrid of in-house and managed servers.

Fail-over and Resource Balancing

The uninterruptedly available infrastructure of managed clouds allows them to automatically manage failover and resource balancing between hardware hosts.


Managed cloud service providers monitor and maintain their systems continuously. Any problem that rears its head is fixed before it can become serious enough to inconvenience their clients. Companies using managed cloud enjoy the benefits of reliability as a result.

Customization of Solution

Your service provider constantly monitors how you use the cloud services being provided to learn your needs. This allows them to customize their services to best suit your requirements.

Get in touch now to let us take over the grunt work behind your cloud. Our skilled techs will ensure it stays available, safe, and fast.

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