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Pegas Technology Solutions

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Waterville Maine Online Marketing Consultants

Data-Driven Digital Marketing and Web Design Services

We use a combination of quality web design, SEO best practices, optimized content, and marketing strategies across various platforms for powerful branding and effective results for our clients.

By choosing Pegas, you are now on your way to an effective digital marketing plan that drives leads and sales for your business.

Gone are the days when traditional SEO and just posting on Facebook was the thing. The marketing techniques that used to work don’t and, it is important for businesses to think through your entire marketing funnel and make sure that the latest strategies are being followed. Otherwise, it could only put the business at risk. Our team of sales, technology, and marketing professional’s helps you’re though the entire lifecycle of your customer’s journey. From them find your brand on Google or Facebook, to closing them as client. We help you optimize your current sales funnel to revamping your entire process, without the headache of hiring and training an entire team.

Pegas Technology Solutions is a leader in customer acquisition as a digital marketing agency. No matter if you’re just getting started and looking for marketing consulting services or outsourcing and entire marketing team. We have the experience need to get your business on the right path and the take on your competition.

Web Driven Results

When your business works with Pegas Technology Solutions you are working with digital marketing experts that know how to drive more traffic to your business and deliver results.

SEO Optimization

Become the authoritative online resource for your industry. The experts at Risk free will work in collaboration with your business to build a comprehensive seo strategy.

Return On Investment

Drive more customers to your website through advertising through Google, Bing, Facebook, etc. We build you comprehensive budget and reporting for a clear ROI.

Get Key Competition Data!

We follow a time-tested process when dealing with our clients’ needs. We first audit our clients’ existing assets and strategies, create a tailored plan based on the results of the audit, execute the plan, make the needed changes, track and report on the performance of the projects.

How do you acquire users?

We build optimized website pages and landing pages to drive more customers to your business.

Where are your users?

We track the visitors to your website using google analytics.

When do your users visit?

Get customer reports for when users are visiting your website.

Our Digital Marketing Services

Website Design

We create websites and landing pages that are designed to convert for your goals.

Search Engine Optimization

We build complex link building strategies and preform on-page keyword optimization.

Email Marketing

We create email campaigns to keep you in contact with your customers and help you bring in new business.

Content Marketing

Be build an effective long-term strategy through content and SEO to strengthen your brand.


Need results? We can start to bring clients to your business tomorrow though paid advertising

Conversion Rate Optimization

We build call to action into your webpage, increase webpage usability, and optimize your pages for conversation.

Search Engine Marketing

We build complex, pay-per-click campaigns, link building and content marketing strategies

Social Media Marketing

We architect social media campaigns for your brand to help you maximize your exposure.

Local SEO

We perform directory submissions, local landing pages, online reputation management, and local optimization services.

Are You Ready To Dominate Your Industry!

How To Create a Digital Marketing Plan

Take a look at how you want your website visitors and customers to perceive your organization. The key factors are making a good first impression, knowing your market, and what their preference points are. More importantly, consider your company’s latest financial revenue, the products and services you provide, your sales, and your pricing.

Who are the prospective buyers of your products and services? You have to understand who your potential buyer is. You have to look at their objectives and how well your website and what it is presenting aligned with what their true objectives are. The next thing you have to do is to find your ideal customer. Identify the common traits of your profitable customers. These are the ones you provided the most value over the last several years, the ones who got the most value from your business, who stuck around the most, and who spent the most money on your business. Stop selling to the non-ideal customers and begin focusing and selling on your ideal customers.

Your competitors are not only the ones who are offering similar services as your business’. You should identify your competitors on their ability to compete based on their size, marketing investment, internet presence, industry credibility, and unique value propositions. Think of your primary competitor and their attributes on how competitive they are – if they are well-funded and invest heavily, make use of different kinds of social media, have a great slick website, are well-known brands in their niche industry, and the unique value they provide that nobody else provides.

We identify our clients’ objectives and what they are trying to achieve. Listing down SMART objectives is important. These objectives may include your target market discovering your brand via an email, driving a certain amount of traffic to your website, calling visitors to action by signing up on your website within a certain period, potential customers trialing a product or a service and recommending them to friends.

A situational or SWOT analysis is critical in creating a digital marketing plan. S stands for strengths; W for weaknesses; O for opportunities; and, T for threats. If you should change your brand to be a stronger brand, you have to do that. A weakness in our business may be due to a fault or a flaw, and you should fix that or develop mechanisms to avoid that particular weakness. Opportunities are customers’ unmet needs as of the moment, changing behaviors, and changing technologies they are utilizing. Opportunities are new and evolving things about your customers where new market share comes from. Threats, like opportunities, are also beyond the scope of the firm, but businesses still have to work on them.

Get Started With Digital Marketing Services Today!

Does your website provide a steady stream of customers? Get a Website that is Designed and Developed to deliver Maximum ROI.

The truth is many businesses are getting left behind by not selling their products online. Today brick and mortar stores are closing at an alarming rate and by not adapting to the changing landscape many businesses will fail. Ensure the future of your business and start to sell your products all over the world with an E-commerce store.

  • Technical Planning
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Lead Generation Pages
  • Landing Pages that convert
  • Digital Branding Strategy
  • E-commerce Stores
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Hosting

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