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Waterville Maine Social Media Consultants

Email Marketing Services

When it comes to sending out emails and collecting leads it can get tedious and frustrating if you are using a spreadsheet. In a matter of a weeks’ worth of time, we could automate many of your manual processes.

Pegas Local Offers Effective Social Media Management; Ensuring a strong Social presence for your brand.

Nowadays, nearly ninety percent of online users check and read their emails, giving businesses another excellent marketing opportunity. Promotional emails and newsletters will allow you to reach out to both your existing and potential customers. When done right, email marketing can save you time and money – and, expect leads turn into conversions, too.

We offer a range of expert email marketing services that cater to your business’ needs, so that you remain connected with your customers and keep them informed about your business’ latest offers and updates. Through our seamless email marketing services, we ensure you that you can keep the lines of communication open between your business and your prospects. Our team of seasoned email marketing specialists will help you grow your business online.

Highly Effective Email Campaigns

Email is still an effective way to communicate with your customers directly. Outpace Your Competitors by Generating Emails That Stand Out.

Email marketing is an effective way to interact with your ideal customers and you can start to generate leads in no time. Avoid generic emails and newsletters and start sending eye-catching ones.

Based on a study by HubSpot, a gated landing page can increase your business’ contacts by 69%. A gated landing page offers customers valuable content in exchange for their personal details and contact information that can be useful in future email marketing campaigns. We recognize this and we can help you develop an attractive gated landing page. We can also develop content for other custom emails such as discounts, latest goods and services, news and events – emails that are appealing and can yield high conversion rates.

Email Marketing Services

Whether you have your email list or not, we build and grow them to let them do work for you. Through our proven email marketing strategy, we can ensure that you get your ROI. We can help you create your company’s monthly newsletters that have captivating subject lines, are automated, and personalized to fit a variety of prospects.

Email Marketing Tools

We are equipped with tools that can help your business implement a more advanced behavior into your email marketing campaigns. We have every email marketing tool you need – from automation tool, email builders, email tracking, landing page builder, and analytics. We can connect your email campaigns with other web services like eccommerce. We will share with you effective strategies to build your customer list and nurture leads into conversions.

Powerful Email Campaigns

Our team will create email marketing campaigns that are designed to attract defined target audiences and provide them with valuable content. The key is being consistent and making the copies as appealing as possible. Our professional designers will help you create efficient and innovative email designs. This will help your business stand out among hundreds or thousands of emails that your customers might be receive each day.

Effective Newsletters

Newsletters, when utilized properly, can increase targeted audience engagement, generate and close more leads. Newsletters are an effective way to inform your customers (and prospects) about your business’ latest products or services, discounts or offers, events and sponsorships. The key is to provide something valuable to your readers. Our team of expert email marketers will help you draft newsletters that are valuable, attractive, and innovative.

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Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

You can and we have but we build focused targeted email campaigns. We often do not recommend buying email lists. This is because you might have the chance of becoming an annoyance to your recipients because they do not actually know you, you violate privacy rules, and there are a few chances of making sales.

On the other hand, we recommend building and growing a list of interested and curious individuals. You can gather their information through your site’s opt-in feature. You will lessen the chances of being opted-out and being an annoyance. Following through your prospects is important because it can generate leads and conversions for your business.

There are a lot of simple ways to build and grow your email list. We recognize the importance of creating valuable email content, so we always ensure that our clients’ emails are entertaining and attractive enough. We add opt-in features, social media sharing, and subscribe buttons, create gated content and landing pages, include a Call to Action to build and grow our clients’ email lists. There are a lot of simple ways to create an email list, and we can help you with that.

Almost every new business does not like the idea of email marketing. However, when done right, you can delight people with your valuable content and you can connect with your ideal clients on a more personal level. Running awesome newsletter and email campaigns will help build your brand and will grow your business in no time. We understand the importance of writing effective newsletters and emails, so our team of email marketers can assist you in your journey.

Once you have availed our email marketing services, we regularly monitor your email and newsletter performance using a tracking tool. We use advanced analytics that look at your Click-Through Rates, Customer Acquisitions, and Conversions. We provide meaningful reports so that we can adjust our goals accordingly. We also run tests to improve Click-Through Rates and Open Rates. Using advanced tools and automation will allow us to use each lead to tailor content for your emails and ensure that you get what you pay for.

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Does your website provide a steady stream of customers? Get a Website that is Designed and Developed to deliver Maximum ROI.

Manage newsletters, sales campaigns, and customer updates. Collect leads, and share them throughout your sales team. Create integrations between your email, CRM, and ERP systems. Deliver your content to your customer base quickly and efficiently, without the overhead of traditional mailers or expensive ad campaigns.

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  • Digital Branding Strategy
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