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Waterville Maine Digital Marketing Consultants

Digital Advertising Pay Per Click

We offer top-notch consulting and management services for your next pay-per-click ad campaign. Drive customers to your site with our targeted marketing services.

Pegas Local Offers Effective Pay Per Click Services; Ensuring a Your Found By Customers that are Looking for your Services.

Making your site visible online takes a long time and involves a lot of hard work. However, most businesses cannot wait. This is where Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising comes in. A solid and well-researched campaign will get your site and products a quick marketing boost. A paid marketing campaign involves a partnership with a search engine (Google AdWords or Bing Ads) or a social media platform (Facebook Ads) to boost marketing efforts. Our firm will help your business minimize cost per conversion and customer acquisition, to help you save on advertising. Our team of seasoned SEO experts will first audit your accounts and find ways to optimize your campaigns so that you can cut down on your spending.

PPC Services

Some site owners are only considered with their keyword rankings. However, using keywords that are not converting is a huge waste of time, effort, and money. Our team of marketing experts will help you target keywords that convert into leads. We will help you determine which keywords are converting and which need improvement. In time, we can reduce your cost per conversion and cost per customer acquisition.

PPC Audits & Setup

First, we audit your existing PPC accounts and campaigns. This will inform you about the keywords that drive site traffic, the ones that lead to conversions, and the ones that do not. This will help us make adjustments to your marketing campaigns and target high-converting keywords. We also review campaign settings such as targeted regions, ad schedule, placement, bid strategy, and content

Paid Search Management

Paid search marketing is not easy, but with the help of marketing experts, your business will achieve the best results possible. We believe that both strategy and follow-through are the key facets of paid search marketing. Constant monitoring, optimization, and strategizing are important. Once your ad campaigns are up, we test them every week and analyze their every aspect to ensure that they perform optimally.

Ad Setup & Management

The social media has revolutionized businesses. We recognize the advantages of running ad campaigns on various social media platforms. One advantage is that digital marketers can already see the demographics of their target audiences. Another advantage is that it is quite low-cost, which increases your business’ ROI. We have several targeting options that turn leads into conversions.

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Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Our PPC campaigns start with a quick audit of your existing marketing accounts, be it Google, Bing, or Facebook. Afterward, we do a deep keyword research and Cost-per-Click (CPC) analysis. Then we create a strong Call to Action Ad-Copies that can be in the form of a text, image, or banner ads. We will focus on using keywords that are less competitive. We carefully consider your target customers or audience and good or services to sell. During these campaigns, we regularly monitor the Return of Investment (ROI) of your ads, generate reports, and make adjustments accordingly.

One of the core and often overlooked principles of PPC marketing is the difference between the Display Network and the Search Network. The Display Network shows ads to people who are browsing websites while the Search Network shows ads on search engines when people search for specific keywords. The Search Network is similar to the old Yellowpages. The Display Network is considered “Interruptive Marketing” because it interrupts people’s activity and attention as they visit internet sites.

It is easy to waste your money on Google AdWords, thinking that these could help your business reach an ROI. But, it is tricky. To avoid making costly mistakes, our team of expert marketers will help you target both search and display networks using the same ad campaign – saving you time and money

To get the most out of your budget, you should focus on major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, each online platform is best for each demographic group. For instance, Instagram is often used by users aged 18-29 whereas Facebook is often used by users aged 30-49.

That is why we recognize the importance of a social media paid ads audit so that we can know your target market and adjust your ads accordingly.

We believe in a holistic approach, that is why we combine Search Engine Optimization with Pay-Per-Click Advertising. According to Google, PPCs alone would not result to clicks or conversions. Your paid ads would earn more clicks and conversions if they also appear under an organic search result – thus, SEO comes to play. With this integration, you can expect an ROI and high user engagement. SEO and PPC are also especially helpful to small businesses that quickly want to build their reputation and audience.

We will help you run paid ad campaigns that show precise messages and are shown next to your organic search listings. This approach helped us run effective ad campaigns, which gives us an edge over our competitors

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Does your website provide a steady stream of customers? Get a Website that is Designed and Developed to deliver Maximum ROI.

The truth is many businesses are getting left behind by not selling their products online. Today brick and mortar stores are closing at an alarming rate and by not adapting to the changing landscape many businesses will fail. Ensure the future of your business and start to sell your products all over the world with an E-commerce store.

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