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Facebook Ads Management

Everything that used to work in ranking a website at the top of Google stopped working, and now, it can actually stopping you from ranking.

Pegas Local Offers ExpertFacebook Ads Management; Ensuring a strong online presence for your brand.

There are almost three billion Facebook users around the world, making it a profitable marketing platform for your brand. Nearly everyone knows Facebook and how it works, but it is especially important for business owners to know how to maximize it for their gains. This is because, Facebook continues to make adjustments to its marketing services. In addition to regular content creation, using sponsored ads for your business is an effective way to reach more potential customers.

Everyone is familiar with the Facebook platform, but there is a lot of complexities involved in utilizing Facebook for business. The question is, how can businesses market or sell their products or services on Facebook? Facebook has been adding or changing its functionality every single day, so it is important to do more than just posting a few times a day. One way to leverage the Facebook platform is through paid advertisements, or sponsored ads. If you avail of our Facebook ad management services, you can become successful.

Professional Facebook Ads

Avoid Ad Fatigue

Once an ad is live, we make sure that its viewers will not experience ad fatigue or ad blindness. This means, they have been used to seeing the ad that it is no longer captivating. Weekly, we create fresh ad copies that will continue to spark interest among your prospects.

Facebook is a great tool for businesses to reach people. With ads to boost local awareness, you can reach potential customers in your community. Every day, you are busy running your business. Facebook makes it easy to reach people who live nearby, and people who visit your area. So when they check Facebook and see your ad, they will have your business in mind, which is great for awareness, put traffic to your store, and getting new customers. Creating an ad only takes a minute – it all starts with your business’ address. Just tell us the area you want to reach and we will get your ad to as many people as possible in the area around your business. You ad features your photo, message, and even directions to help customers find you.

Traditional ways of advertising just cannot reach your customers the way Facebook can – your ad might be in a section that customers do not see or reach people who are too far away from your business. Facebook can get your ad to people who are near your business at anytime, on any device. It is the best way to reach people in your community and help them keep your business in mind while saving you time and money compared to traditional advertising, so that you can get back to what matters most – running your business and serving customers.

Facebook Marketing And Ads Management Services

Professional-Quality Graphics

High-quality pictures and emojis are linked together because these make the ad really stand out, because people will be scrolling through their phone or PC. They are not in a buying mindset – maybe just looking at their friends’ status updates. We make sure that the ads we create for you will capture your target buyers’ attention. This is also one of the reasons why ads are powerful tools. We will create big pictures and collages, as well as utilize emojis effectively to grab users’ attention. Another reason why emojis are important is that these pop up more easily than an image, making your ad copy even more captivating.


To make a regular Facebook browser check and buy your products and services, a strong call-to-action is necessary. A call-to-action tells your viewers to do something, a certain action. An example of a call-to-action could be “Get Yours Here,” which is a link that would take your prospects to your website. An image of your product or service. It is important to tell your viewers where they can go or what they can do next. We can help you create a strong call to action, depending on your marketing goal – that may be to increase audience engagement, to increase your sales, or just to make your content viral. We can also help you create call-to-actions that would suit your ad copies and your target audience.

Urgency and Exclusivity

If your goal for your ad is to encourage people to buy your products or services, it is important to keep in mind urgency and exclusivity. Urgency means having offers that end in a certain time period. For example, 20% off ending tonight, free shipping for two days. We recognize that need and so whenever we create ads for our clients, we make sure that these incite them to action, to be urgent. Another important thing that we keep in mind is exclusivity. This means limited stock. Say, the first ten buyers who will claim the order would get a 20% off. This can only mean, the offer will only be available in exclusive places of your business.

Detailed Product or Service Descriptions

Facebook ads that show a good and brief explanation of a product or service are more likely to capture the interest of potential buyers. However, it is important to avoid making the description too lengthy, that browsers should click “See More” to know more details. Very few would want to take time to tap that button. In creating a product or service description, we make sure that it captures the essence of whatever your offer is. We can also include reviews for social proof. Because people can see that someone has reviewed your product, that means, whatever your offers is – they are legitimate. Our expert writers are also trained to create captivating product ad descriptions using well-thought-out words.

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