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Waterville Maine Office 365 Consultants

Microsoft Office 365

We offer consulting services for the deployment of Microsoft office 365 for your small business.

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Your Office Apps, To Go….

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft office is a tool that your business needs, but it can be expensive. In recent years annual subscriptions to Microsoft office has made it more affordable. Through Pegas Technology Solutions Inc. you can make monthly payments for Microsoft Office 365. Pay only for the software you need and for a monthly flat rate.

File collaboration between users on all devices

From your computer to your smartphone and tablet, Microsoft Office 365 integration with cloud services allows you to save your work online and pick it back up immediately on another device. Even the best of us can be forgetful at times. With cloud integrated Microsoft Office 365, you can jump from device to device and keep your workflow moving.

Your favorite Microsoft Office apps are available in the cloud

The Microsoft Office productivity Suite features Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, a team SharePoint site, video and screen sharing. By taking advantage of the cloud, the work you do on all of these applications is automatically saved and backed up, which provides you with peace of mind as your work is redundantly saved.

The cloud lets all team members comment and share projects to improve communication

Your business can benefit from adding cloud-based Office 365 by Microsoft. Since your teams can share files, collaborate on documents, and communicate on projects using cloud technology. Microsoft makes this possible thanks to an integration with Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync, into office 365, giving you a powerful communication system to go with Pegas ERP, DMS, or HRM systems.

Get all this and more from an upgrade to Office 365

Instant Fact Checking

Instantly check any document text for matches on the web, and easily embed content with the latest Office 2016

Cloud Connected

Get back to your files wherever you can connect to the web. Backed by powerful security and first class cloud technology, your important documents and projects stay protected.


Work together with teammates around the globe. Enjoy collaborative editing features across several products, allowing you to work closely with colleagues no matter how far away.

Flexible Deployment Strategies

Provide the right tools for the job with customizable Office 365 versions for your employee roles. Get in Touch With Our Experts to Learn More

Contact us today to start your Office 365 deployment and see how it can help improve your business’s efficiency, saving you time and money.

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