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Open Source Firewall

Pfsense is one of the world’s leading open source firewall solutions.

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PFSense an Open Source Enterprise Firewall

Pfsense is an open source firewall distribution. It offers many enterprise features that allow it to connect any network to the internet with a secure approach. Using Pfsense you will connect cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-site, site-to-site, etc. Pfsense is a rethinking of how open source firewalls can run your enterprise allowing you to save money and, with the right techniques, you can become more secure. With Pfsense you don’t have to worry about if you have a current license for your device being open source you have the freedom of continuous updates. There are thousands of people that contribute to the project allowing for vulnerabilities to be stopped and fixed, at an increased, rate that property vendors can’t match. Property vendors often keep vulnerabilities quite, believing in the security of obscurity. That means that they don’t always fix the problem meaning that once a hacker finds the vulnerability in your firewall you could be breached. If you’re like me that doesn’t sound like a great approach, I would rather be able to update and fix the issues as they arise not wait months for a fix.

Some Benefits to using PFSense

Secure Firewall

Pfsense provides a highly secure and robust enterprise firewall.

Intrusion Detection

Detect intrusions when they are happening. So you can block the attack.

Intuition prevention

Prevent intrusion attacks based on rules and automatically blocked it.

Email Filtering

Filter the incoming spam from your inbox.

High Availability

Can be setup in a failover setup providing a high available firewall solution

Multi-WAN Capabilities

Connect multiple WAN (internet connections) to your firewall

Virtual Private Network

Have a secure virtual network between office and for road warrior access.

Reporting And Monitoring

Get monthly automated reports of every connection to your network.

Contact us today to discuss your Firewall needs. We offer a free consultation for several aspects of network security. Fill us in on your situation, and what your expectations are. We will ensure you get a fair deal.

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