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When resolving computer system issues we always take it a step past solving the issue to understand what caused it in the first place, ensuring it should never become an issue again.We are a local IT Service Company in the state of Maine. We offer End to End IT Solutions, allowing us to cover every aspect of our client’s technology needs.

Pegas Offers Expert Application and Server Consulting & Development Services; Ensuring Your Business IT Systems Are running at peak Performance and Proactively Solve Problems before They Become an Issue for your business.

Technology has become essential for every modern business, transforming the way we do business. Allowing us to perform real-time logistics and being agile to meet the needs of our customers cost-effectively.

When you have a computer failure in your business, it can cause all kinds of difficulties. Not only does the troublesome system need to be fixed but your employee(s) can’t perform their job(s). This affects the office’s overall efficiency, causing you to lose time and money. Pegas employs experienced technicians that can fix any of your break-fix issues. We do not want you to become a victim of downtime. We will help you cut your downtime to a minimum or even out completely if possible. We are the best option to find and utilize innovative and affordable options for your technology needs.

There are some reasons a computer can fail; it can be hardware problems, software, or a virus/malware. All of which is not good but if it is a virus it can affect the entire office and if you have not been doing regular backups and developed a proper disaster recovery plan you could lose years of important documents.

I have personally seen viruses affect entire companies because they have not planned for viruses, rootkits, keyloggers, spyware, malware… etc. With the proper plans in place, all of these issues can be managed and a thing of the past. You might still get a virus or hacking attempts but with a Pegas’ technicians just a call away, we assist you in mitigating these issues. Often when we are your MSP, we will be calling you to let you know that there is an issue before disaster strikes.

How Application and Server Troubleshooting Services Can Help Your Business.

Permanent Issue Resolution

When we solve a hardware or software failure, it is important to pinpoint what caused the issue. Pegas Technology Solutions’ technicians and engineers don’t only solve the direct issue, we take it a step further to discover what caused the error. We look at system logs to learn what process were affected to prevent the issue from recurring.

Advanced Troubleshooting

Desktop or server applications can fail for any number of reasons. It could be from an update, a misconfiguration, security restrictions, server setting, file permission, file ownership, and if you’re on Linux it could be SELINUX or App Armor. We have years of software and hardware troubleshooting experience and can solve any issue.

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