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We are a local IT Service Company in the state of Maine. We offer End to End IT Solutions, allowing us to cover every aspect of our client’s technology needs.

Pegas Offers Expert Application and Server Consulting & Development Services; Ensuring Your Business IT Systems Are running at peak Performance and Proactively Solve Problems before They Become an Issue for your business.

We are experts at optimizing servers and software applications, allowing your systems to run more effectively with the resources you have.

Needing to be competitive and continually advancing, our customers have started transforming the way they approach their IT infrastructure. Modern IT has allowed us to leverage new technologies and scale on demand to achieve the goals of the businesses we support.

No matter what kind of business you run, nothing feels worse than spending money that could be driving more revenue back into the business. When we perform IT audits we often find excess or over capacity servers, or other IT related resources, that are just costing you money. It takes a knowledgeable information technology professional to perform an overall analysis for business, to know what will be a bottleneck in a month or one that might just exist from basic over complication. Pegas technology engineers know how to optimize and run an application at scale, so you have the right resource for your solution.

How Application and Server Optimization Services Can Help Your Business.

System Benchmarks

Performing periodic benchmark audits are crucial for any business running software applications. The audits need to identify key metrics of how the resource is being utilized.

Capacity Audits

When an analysis of resource has been conducted it is important that the resources are matched to the size of the user base that utilizes the application to preform there job.

Resource Analysis

It is essential that you monitor resources (CPU/ RAM, disk usage, I/O, bandwidth) of each server or service, so key metrics can be analyzed to know when you need to upgrade.

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