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DevOps for a Modern Approach to IT

By merging development, operation, and quality assurance we have been able to deliver technology solutions at a more rapid pace Pegas Technology Solitons offers consulting and the deployment of  Managed Cloud Services.  Set your business on the right track with lower capital expenses and start using the cloud today.

Pegas Offers Expert Application and Server DevOps Consulting & Development Services; Ensuring Your Business IT Solutions are  Developed and Deployed At a Rapid Pace.

Every modern day business needs to keep pulling new customers to their brand. To keep ahead of the competition, they need to keep innovating and stay agile with their information technology infrastructure. To deliver new code and features quicker, many companies have started to embrace agile or lean development practices. While these methods may have sped up the development of the code it still takes time to release the code. To overcome these many companies have started to embrace the concept of DevOps. This is no small change; it can be culture shock that can be felt by the entire company. Pegas Technology Solutions can help you overcome all of the hurdles of merging development and the operations into deploying code into one comprehensive process to release the application.

Many businesses today have complex information technology (IT) infrastructures, having countless devices like computer, tablet, mobile phone, server, routers, switches, etc. All of these devices have different configuration requirements and to make matters more complex, is the lack of central management. This can have many unforeseen costs to perform even the simplest troubleshooting tasks.

How DevOps Can Help Your Business.

DevOps Consulting

Our team of experts can lead you to select the right tools for the job. We help you get up and running with the right applications and then help you deploy them and integrate them into your workflow. We support you after deployment so you can get assistance when you need it

Engineering and Integration

Our team can help you rapidly built and automate your applications and your infrastructure. No matter the tools you choose to get the job we can help you. We vendor is agnostic but typically lean towards open source solutions. Get a jump start on your next project today with Pegas.

DevOps Outsourcing

Not everyone wants to build, maintain, and manage their DevOps solutions. We have built out hosted solutions that you can leverage for your application and infrastructure to supercharge your continuous integration/ continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. So you can just program.

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Your business deserves IT outsourcing and managed services that just work. The day you start using Pegas Technology Solutions you will stop thinking about all of your IT related headaches and start to grow your business.

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