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Workspace as a Service

When a company chooses to use Ovirt, they can really save on their investment. Ovirt offers features that rival VMware and some cases, offer more flexibility.

Pegas Offers Expert Workspace as a Service (WaaS) Consulting & Development Services

Workspace as a Service (WaaS) is a term that many small to medium businesses might not be too familiar with. It is an evolution of DaaS, Desktop as a Services. It refers to the services that provide a virtual workstation/ desktop to the end users. It provides the end user with the same desktop environment that they would otherwise have with a standard desktop or laptop. The only difference is that your employees will access the workspace through a remote desktop protocol and can be accessed from any device that has an internet connection. WaaS is a combination of a managed series application tailored to your business and Desktop as a Services (DaaS), this allows the end user to have a seamless/ trouble-free solution. This service is customized for every client that we serve. You get exactly what you need for your employees to be successful, allowing them can focus on their work rather than troublesome hardware issue that can be taking up their time.

How Workspace as a Service Can Help Your Business.

All in One

WaaS providers can handle all the necessary system aspects of workplace such as setting up the remote desktop and application to managing and monitoring so that the workload of IT department can be reduced and they can focus on other important concerns.

Secure For Your Business

Cyberattack is a frequent issue faced by businesses. Through WaaS service, the small businesses can manage to implement a defense plan. They can provide a remote employee system access and adapt

Provisioned To Fit Your Needs

Provisioning and establishing a user account is a time- consuming and really hectic process. This often leaves a new employee with nothing to do on their first day. Leaving then anxious and feeling unsuccessful on their first day.

Easy For SMB

The WaaS service is basically a one-stop shop where smaller businesses can use a single administrator and allow them to get the most out of their IT investment. The administrator can help plan an effective strategy for the technology usage and design of the company.

Bring Your Own Device

Since the WaaS service provider makes use of remote desktops and workstations, so the cost of multiple desktops is reduced and the business can implement the system or bringing your own device which will turn out to be a lot more cost-efficient.

A Seamless Solution

The process of opening and using applications is seamless through the usage of WaaS. There are no error messages or issues related to usability since the workplace environment will already be tested and configured by the service provider.

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Set yourself on the right track to protecting your business data against breaches, thefts, leakage, and a wide range of other cyber threats…

Keeping your computers, servers, and network security is no small feat for many small to medium business. Every day there seems to be another virus, malware, or trojan threatening your SMB’s computer systems. With our clients, we monitor your network and computers 24/7 to make sure that you are secure, up today and running smoothly.

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