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Managed Security Services

Set yourself on the right track to protecting your business data against breaches, thefts, leakage, and a wide range of other cyber threats. Contact Pegas Technology Solutions to Start a Conversation for Managed Security Services.

Pegas Offers Expert Managed IT Consulting & Development Services; Ensuring Your Business IT Systems Are running at peak Performance and Proactively Solve Problems before They Become an Issue for your business.

Protecting your business data is critical today. What would you do if your competitors got all of your key document from a leak or you get a cryptovirus and the hacker is asking thousands of dollars so you can have access to your data?    

Today small business are target form hackers all around the world and it hard for business to have both privacy and security. As a business owner, you need to strike that perfect balance for computer systems. With a limited budget you can only do so much and keeping your business secure can simply become overwhelming, making may just ignore it until it too late.

The team at Pegas Technology Solutions has a comprehensive managed security offering, allowing small business to have access to enterprise level solutions that small business can afford. By outsourcing your security needs to trained professionals you can get that piece of mind that you need so you can focus on your business.

How Managed Security Services Can Help Your Business.

Proactive IT

Waiting around for your information technology systems to fail is simply not an option. In today's society every moment is crucial in staying ahead of your competition and maximizing your profits. Unexpected system failures is a costly expense which eats away at your profits. Our services prevents any unforeseen disaster from taking place. Our proactive IT team detect and resolve upcoming network issues before it leads to a technical blackout.

Vendor Management

A key reason for our high client satisfaction is our strong network. We already hold strong relationships with your important contacts ranging from your local telephone company to Microsoft nationwide support team. We save our clients’ valuable time by being the mediator between their issue and the concerning vendor. We’ll gladly take away long endless calls with tech support and get problems resolved efficiently and quickly.

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Set yourself on the right track to protecting your business data against breaches, thefts, leakage, and a wide range of other cyber threats…

Keeping your computers, servers, and network security is no small feat for many small to medium business. Every day there seems to be another virus, malware, or trojan threatening your SMB’s computer systems. With our clients, we monitor your network and computers 24/7 to make sure that you are secure, up today and running smoothly.

  • Comprehensive security roadmap
  • SLA Backed IT Services
  • Monthly Review Meeting
  • Remote and On-Site Support
  • Network Device Monitoring
  • Unified and Threat Monitoring Systems and Firewalls