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Cybersecurity Services

We will help you to stay protected from all the cybersecurity risks that you are exposed to. You can remain safe and protected with the end to end services that we offer.

Pegas Offers Expert Cybersecurity Consulting & Development Services

Most small to medium business often don’t think they are a target of a cyber-attack but almost every day a small business will close down because they didn’t have any data protection services. The companies that survive the cyber-attack, will often spend thousands of dollars to get there data back for the attackers. Pegas Technology Solutions provides small to medium business with end to end cybersecurity services.

How It Works

Risk and vulnerability assessment

Training and awareness programs

Disaster recovery and backup plans

Identity access management

IT and security policy development

Managed cloud security services

Both internal as well as external penetration testing

Firewall and virus protection

Compliance and governance

Security architecture design

Mobility and Wi-Fi security

Proactive audits and reporting services

Do you know that over 62% of small businesses become victims of cyber-attacks?

We will analyze your business and provide you with recommendations on how to improve. We offer you with effective cyber security solutions and services to make your business more secure.

Advisory services

We have a team of security consultants, who have a wealth of experience. They can easily assess the existing risks and provide you with reports on where to improve. We will help you to make sure that your business is fully protected from all sorts of threats that may come on your way.

Managed security services

We also provide managed security services for small to medium businesses so you know that your network is always monitored and secure. We can help you overcome both internal and external threats that you are dealing with. While at the same time ensuring devices are secure and your employees have appropriate access.

Audits and assessments

We provide you will audits an assessments to help you identify and understand any cyber security risks you might have and how to eliminate them. Our team can help you build the right security solution that is affordable and protects your small to medium form cybersecurity threats.

Get Started with an Enterprise Resource Planning System Today!

Get Started with an Enterprise Resource Planning System Today!

Discover how an ERP solution will help your small to medium business with most of your business outdated and inefficient workflows. An ERP will help your team increase sales, improve efficiencies, and increase your customer satisfaction with better support.

  • ERP Gap Analysis
  • ERP Support
  • Hosted ERP onsite or in the cloud
  • ERP Training
  • ERP Migrations
  • ERP Integrations