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Penetration Testing Services

Do you know how secure your business network is? Most of the people don’t have a clear understanding of the level of security associated with their business networks.

Pegas Offers Expert Penetration Testing Consulting & Development Services

To get a clear picture of how secure your business is, you should have a penetration test done. It can help you to understand how good your company security is and the level of protection that you have against vulnerabilities.

Our penetration testing services are not automated. It requires us to analize your network and figures out all potential vulnerabilities that exist. Our team will spend a couple of days analyzing the vulnerabilities and build a plan to make sure your business is secure. We use the leading industry methodologies when conducting penetration testing as well.

How We Can Help Keep You Network Secure

Trust through verification

Our team will conduct penetration testings in order to analyze how secure your business is. Then they will check if the security can be penetrated or not.


During the assessment process, a variety of manual techniques and tools are being used by the team to mimic the behavior of an attacker.


The client will be responsible for making all changes in the system, network or applications.

Planning and preparation

It takes time for the penetration testing team to understand your network. They will prepare for it through interviews, referring to documents and conducting automatic vulnerability scans.


At the end of penetration testing, we will share a comprehensive report, which offers our detailed findings.


If we find your network wasn't secure we retest to ensure that the remediation efforts where successful.

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Get Started with an Enterprise Resource Planning System Today!

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