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End-user Computing

We provide computing, productive support, cloud-based productivity and remote virtual support to help you take your workplace to the next level.

Pegas Offers Expert End-user Computing Consulting & Development Services

It has become extremely important for the workplaces in today’s world to be agile, collaborative and scalable. Cloud computing and BYOD concepts are in a position to provide excellent benefits to your business. We help businesses with mobility and desktop consulting services, so you easily transform your business to be more agile and change with the times.

Back in the day, companies had to deal with managing desktops and laptops. Today companies have to deal with the cloud, mobility, applications, data access and security. We provide your business with the support and services you needs to adhere to any compliance and corporate governance standards.

How We Help Your Business


We will figure out your existing IT landscape, understand your capabilities and help you with taking your digital transformation to the next level.


We determine what technologies are in a position to provide the best possible services to you. Then we will help you invest in those technologies.


We take care of the entire process from documentation to implementation and deploy the technology needed make your business more productive.


You can receive support from our teams with managing your IT landscape at all times, helping to elevate all of the stress that comes with managing your technology.

We offer end-user computing services, which offer management, transformation, and architecture of your computing needs. They can help you improve customer satisfaction and business productivity in the long run.

Consulting services

We will assert the existing IT landscape that you have and then provide appropriate consulting services, so that you will be able to transform your business digitally with the latest technologies.

Managed IT Services

We provide a range of services, including asset management, device management, running the IT service desk, implementing security, enterprise mobility, backups and many other tech support services.

Office cloud

We can help you with moving your business to the cloud. They include all the steps in cloud migration, such as planning, licensing and implementation. Therefore, you will be able to move to the cloud within a short period of time.

Get Started with an Enterprise Resource Planning System Today!

Get Started with an Enterprise Resource Planning System Today!

Discover how an ERP solution will help your small to medium business with most of your business outdated and inefficient workflows. An ERP will help your team increase sales, improve efficiencies, and increase your customer satisfaction with better support.

  • ERP Gap Analysis
  • ERP Support
  • Hosted ERP onsite or in the cloud
  • ERP Training
  • ERP Migrations
  • ERP Integrations