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Managed Mobility

We help you keep Your Data Secure, by implementing BYOD Polices and implementing  Mobile Device Management services

Pegas Offers Expert Managed Mobility Consulting & Development Services

With the increasing number of people that use their own personal mobile devices for corporate use, business have been facing the challenge to keep corporate data safe and secure. All it takes is an employee to lose their phone and anyone could have access to your data. Most business mitigate risk by implementing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies and by deploying Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Management software on corporate owned and personal devices.

Our mobile app management and mobile device management solutions come along with industry-leading technologies. We use the expertise that we have with business automation to provide you with a hassle-free deployment and management.

How It Works


We begin by enrolling all the devices that are being used by your employees to our platform.


We will then be able to manage all the devices remotely and update them with the latest updates.


We can roll out your security policies along with healthy standards to the devices.


Protect your corporate data with better control over how your data is being used and shared.

We follow a holistic and innovative approach when enhancing the security of your cloud and mobile.

identity and access management with Azure Active Directory

Identity-driven security with MS Advanced Threat Analytics

Information Protection with Azure Information Protection

Managed mobile productivity via Microsoft Intune.

Get Started with an Enterprise Resource Planning System Today!

Get Started with an Enterprise Resource Planning System Today!

Discover how an ERP solution will help your small to medium business with most of your business outdated and inefficient workflows. An ERP will help your team increase sales, improve efficiencies, and increase your customer satisfaction with better support.

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