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Nextcloud a Cloud in a Box

With Nextcloud you can build your own personal cloud similar to the way Google works but it all under your own control.

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How Nextcloud Can Improve Your Businesses Productivity.

Nextcloud is an open-source file hosting service. You can store important data files in the cloud and access them from anywhere. Nextcloud’s intuitive interface comes with search functionality, favorites, tags, and other means of specialization for quick file searches. Nextcloud also has file sharing functions, document editing, and thumbnail previews to allow for convenient file management. Your data is saved with anti-virus scanning application and tools alongside security policy control measures including integrated login and password policies.

You should select our solutions if you’re looking for:

  • An easy to use intuitive solutions
  • Easy to add new features and customizable
  • Easy to integrate into existing solutions
  • A cost-effective solution that will save you money
  • You want ownership. We give you the source code and can do what you see fit with it.
  • No more vendor lock-in

How a HRM can help your Business.

HR Management

Manage and track your staff using an easy to use interface.

Employee Self Service

Allow your staff to update their information, keeping your records up to date.


Plan ahead and share your calendar with employees, keeping everyone is up to date.

Background Checks

Submit and run background checks easily from with the system.

Asset Management

Track important access that you give out to your staff.

Interview Scheduling

Set and track interviews with potential new employees.

Time And Attendance

Track the time you staff spends at the office.

Performance Management

Monitor and track your staff’s performances over time.

Get in touch now for your cloud-in-a-box NextCloud install from Pegas Technology Solutions server experts.
Our team will help you throughout your deployment, from planning to execution.

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