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Microsoft Hyper-V

Running a Microsoft environment? hyper-v is your virtualization solution.

Pegas Offers Expert Microsoft Hyper-V Consulting & Development Services; Ensuring Key Stakeholders are involved in your Virtualized Infrastructure Implementation.

Virtualization Will Assist You Modernizing Your IT Systems And Make It Easier For Your Business To Adapt To Emerging Challenges Your Business Might Face

Modern businesses around the world are utilizing virtualization technology like Hyper-V more than ever. What is virtualization technology you might wonder? It’s a software application that mimics a real computer, so you can run an Operating System in a “virtual” environment. You also might wonder how this can help your business. Many businesses find it helpful to run different server environments for different departments and different goals. For example, on one virtual machine, you can run your custom software, on another, you can run a database such as MySQL. It might not be obvious at first, but most of the time, a server with more processors and more memory is cheaper than buying several smaller ones. Not only that, but virtual machines are part of a virtual network, requiring less networking hardware than traditional servers. For these and other reasons, virtualization technology has a 90% adoption rate in businesses today. That’s right, 9 out of 10 businesses use some form of virtualization.

There are many benefits to Virtualization, and Hyper-V is no exception. By utilizing Hyper-V, you save money on hardware costs, reduced utility consumption, and licensing fees for online services you can now run in-house. Hyper-V runs on Windows OS, Windows Server, or as a stand-alone product. Deployments of Hyper-V allow you to not only deploy mini-servers from a large server, you can also create clusters of your existing hardware. This also helps reduce the overall cost of IT concerns, as it gives you a chance to scale up slowly. Businesses with multiple locations can benefit from a failover deployment, where both locations stay in sync, mirroring the same machine, keeping your entire company on the same page.

How Virtualization Can Help Your Business.

Share Apps Across the Office

Keep the data flowing through your office environment, and avoid managing several installations. Run your custom office software, databases, Email Systems, and more.


Secure boot and protected virtual machines help ensure against malware and other unapproved access to a virtual machine and its information.

Private Cloud

Give more adaptable, on-request IT benefits by moving to or growing your utilization of shared assets and alter usage as request changes.

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Mission Critical Software deserves the utmost care in management and backups. By using today’s leading virtualization solutions, our experts keep your vital data and software protected and backed up. Learn about our variety of solutions for virtualization, from managed backups to physical replication and scaling of critical systems. Don’t leave your clients and employees in the slow lane, or worse, lose their data.

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