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Virtualization for Small to Medium Business

Today’s companies depend upon the software applications that run their business. the software simply needs to work all the time. pegas technology solutions have helped many businesses migrate servers to virtual machines, saving money and reducing failover complexity

Pegas Offers Expert Virtualization Consulting & Development Services; Ensuring Key Stakeholders are involved in your Virtualized Infrastructure Implementation.

Virtualization Will Assist You Modernizing Your IT Systems And Make It Easier For Your Business To Adapt To Emerging Challenges Your Business Might Face

With innovation driving businesses, virtualization has now become a familiar concept. Apart from the traditional large enterprises, many small to medium businesses have been moving to virtualization for their servers. By virtualizing businesses, you will have a smaller IT infrastructure footprint and have a lower total cost of ownership. This enables small to medium business to face the upcoming information technology deployments more systematically and efficiently.

Virtualization provides a means to make information technology simpler and be more efficient for IT and business operations. For most businesses, we use Ovirt, Hyper-V, or VMware to help them achieve all of the benefits of hosting several applications on a usually quarter or less of the hardware they previously had. With many virtualization technologies having built-in high availability, fault-tolerant protection, and overall better security for hosted applications, it allows for the small to medium-size business to experience many of the benefits available to their larger counterparts.

Faster Disaster Recovery

In cases of disasters, business practices that are virtualized suffer less dire consequences than business which were not. Virtualization significantly shortens disaster recovery time along with increasing application availability

Limit Your Risk

For small to medium businesses, virtualization can reduce the risk of data losses faced due to IT outages. Many business practices have to deal with the reality of data loss due to accidents and other unfortunate circumstances, disasters and emergencies.

No Hardware Lock-in

Hardware vendor lock-ins can simply be avoided via virtualization. For growing businesses, migrating to different serves either cloud-based or hardware can be challenging. This is where virtualization helps in ensuring efficiency.

Faster Adoption

Adapting to new changing trends is a advantage that comes easily too small to medium businesses that have decided to virtualize their infrastructure. Virtualization will allow them to respond faster to their industry and their business needs.

Many to One

Consolidation of servers is a hidden benefit offered by virtualizations. For small to medium businesses, this leads to running multiple applications in virtual servers, hosted in just few high power physical server.

Faster Deployments

Faster response and better allocation of resources enable businesses to invest their time into more fruitful opportunities. This provides means for small to medium businesses to innovate and expand their product or service offerings.

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