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Learn how an open source helpdesk solution provided by Pegas can increase your support productivity, eliminate missing tickets, and get your support staff on the same page.

Zammad is a tool for businesses to enhance and improve their relationships with their customers. Customers are assets. They are the primary stream of revenue and hence, retaining them is of utmost importance. Zammad understands the need for friendly consumer-provider relationship and helps to ensure just that.

The Zammad platform is designed to provide businesses with the necessary tools to build a stronger relationship with their clients. It enables them to respond faster to their queries and interact with them almost instantly. Building goodwill with personalized and quick answers will satisfy customers and improve their retention. With Zammad, businesses can manage and organize their resources more efficiently and take a more client-oriented approach to entertain their target audience.

Additionally, Zammad helps businesses to satisfy their need for consumer loyalty. By keeping track of potential customers, businesses can adopt practices that aim to provide superior services. It also can dig up possible leads and identify purchasing patterns and behaviors. Whether an agent or as manager, the dashboard of Zammad accurately depicts the standing of an organization. While operating as an agent, businesses can fully understand their market position and make better decisions based on the reports. Furthermore, Zammad is a multi-channel platform; it brings different channels of communication under a single umbrella. It creates a faster connection between the organization and its consumers via the use of channels including telephone, e-mail, SMS or Twitter.

How a Zammad Helpdesk can help your Business.

Phone System Integrations

A beneficial feature provided by Zammad is integrated telephone system into in- and outgoing calls with the use of Zammad API. It allows sorting clients then displaying their phone numbers along with outgoing calls which can be initialized by a single click.

Chat History

Easy data history, means that Zammad is auditable. It enables reconstruction of a tickets history at any time who changed, which attribute to which value. Along with providing means for organizations to adhere to their agreements

Auto Save

The autosave feature enables businesses to work free from worries. It eliminates the need to save before closing an support ticket

Your Brand

Employee and employer branding is a famous concept that Zammad is well aware of it. It enables individuals to customize the outlook of their application into something that best suits their style. It provides users with an interface fit for their personality.


Another hidden gem of a feature offered by Zammad is its Multilingual properties. Zammad Web-App supports nine languages. Languages can be selected based on preferences, depending on the user interface.


Zammad is extremely secure. It supports different guidelines for keywords, device-logging, and two-factor authentication.

Customer Oriented

Since Zammad is highly customer oriented, it takes the need for a timely response into consideration. With the use of Zammad, organizations can respond quickly to the queries of their consumers through chats based on emails.

Always Up To Date

Zammad lets businesses stay constantly updated. With the ability to immediately change, objects are reported immediately in the application. Making it next to impossible to double edit the information

VIP Customers

There is also a VIP feature added into the mix. Making it easier to identify and keep track of what is truly important!

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We know Helpdesk. Our experts have been providing technical support for years, in a range of fields. Spreadsheets, tickets, emails, things can get out of control fast. Let our technicians get you a support solution that is flexible and delivers the integration you need to keep doing business. Zammad Helpdesk Solution lets your support team do what they are meant to do, support your customers.

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