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Opencart an open source shopping cart

You can do almost anything with Opencart. The system is highly customizable and has thousands of extensions.

Learn how Opencart Consulting And Development provided by Pegas can increase your Online Sales, bring in new consistent Customers, tracking your customers, and transforming the way you do Ecommerce.

Opencart is one of the top five deployed open source e-commerce platforms. Written on top of PHP and MYSQL there isn’t much that this software can’t-do. There are no limitations for categories, products, or images per product. There or thousands of available extensions. There are many add-ons such as reviews, ratings, and lists (like, compare, and wishlist). Checkout and sales features include custom order statuses, one-page checkouts, guest checkout, advanced sales reports, printable invoices, and product returns.

You should select our solutions if you’re looking for:

  • An easy to use intuitive solutions
  • Easy to add new features and customizable
  • Easy to integrate into existing solutions
  • A cost-effective solution that will save you money
  • Ownership. We give you the source code and can do what you see fit with it.
  • No more vendor lock-in

Benefits Of Ecommerce Websites

Create A Store

Start your online store today. It has never been easy to get started using our platform. We work with you from the start.


Our platform allows your online scale with you as your business grows. From selling one product to thousands, our platform and services will work for you.

Accepting Payments

Your platform is hosted in a secure environment. Allowing for PCI DSS Compliance so you can accept credit card purchase with ease.

Inventory Management

Our platform allows for easy management of your store’s inventory, track stock levels, receive notifications for both low stock items, and more.

Unlimited Possibilities!

Our platform can handle one product to thousands with ease. We allow for our platform to be customized to fit your business not the other way around.

nalyze Your Store

Gain insight into your customers order. Learn what sells and what doesn’t. Track your sales and growth trends.

Manage And Market

Easily manage your marketing needs with our online tools. Allowing for you to plan out your campaigns and track your success on social media.

Mobile Friendly

Our platform is designed to make certain your store and products are optimized for any device. Ordering from any device has never been easier!

Mobile Friendly

We cant offer 24/7 Phone, Email & Chat support at this time but we do how ever offer support 9 to 5 eastern standard time.

Start Your E-commerce Store Today!

Would you like to increase your profits?

The truth is many businesses are getting left behind by not selling their products online. Today brick and mortar stores are closing at an alarming rate and by not adapting to the changing landscape many businesses will fail. Ensure the future of your business and start to sell your products all over the world with an E-commerce store.

  • E-commerce Site Designed to sell
  • Managed Web Services
  • Hosted Ecommerce onsite or in the cloud
  • E-commerce platform Training
  • E-commerce Migrations
  • E-commerce Integrations