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Retail Point of Sale

Easy to use and Configure and start selling today on any device

Pegas Offers Expert Retail Point of Sale Consulting & Development Services; Ensuring Key Stakeholders are involved with the  Point of Sale Implementation and Providing a Rapid ROI

Have Several Orders Open

Use multiple ticketing systems to achieve multiple sales at once.

Ultra-fast search option

Its easy search and filter to find the items you need in the POS.

Simple & attractive

Enjoy a POS system with a modern interface and order workflow

Device Compatibilty

Our POS system works with tablet, laptops, etc

How Our Retail Point of Sale System Can Help Your Business.

All Your Retail Store Needs

The POS is set on a smart interface that helps retails company executes their transaction seamlessly. Due to its flexibility, you can set up the POS to suit your needs. Configure a new store swiftly and conveniently with just an internet connection.

Loyalty program

Compensate your loyal clients with gifts, points, and discounts from XYZ loyalty programs. The entire process is quick and can all be automated. Knowing your clients is even faster with both customer barcode ids and loyalty cards

Online or Offline

Our point of Sale system serves your needs even when your internet connection is weak. Though an internet connection is needed to launch the point of sale system, yet it works perfectly even after disconnection. Use your point of sales everywhere you go

Inventory Management

The inventory app automatically updates your stock from the POS. You can see the updated stock in minutes. Also, the POS is highly compatible with our e-commerce platform. You won’t need to configure separate stocks for the two apps.

Completely integrated with other Apps

Email Marketing

Monitor your client’s behaviors and send them special personalize offers.


Maintain full control over your register and get updates of stock levels


Making a sale and finalizing the transaction with the customer is simple.


We have integrated our system to work with several eCommerce platforms.

Get Started with a Point of Sale System Today?

Do You Manage Front End Sales In Your Business?

Connect your sales and inventory, automate the revenue process. Forget about dealing with hand tallying your daily receipts, get a fully integrated point of sale system. Small or large scale deployments are no problem. Centralized inventory management and distributed retail POS machines give you the power to handle your real life sales in real-time.

  • Sales System Gap Analysis
  • Database/POS/Hardware Support
  • Hosted Retail Solution onsite or in the cloud
  • POS Training
  • Inventory Database Migrations
  • POS Integrations