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With the amount of paper that runs most businesses, it is easy for printer and paper cost to skyrocket and for key documents to become misplaced.

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A DMS or Document Management System is like a digital filing system for your electronic documents that helps you store, manage, track, and retrieve easily. Its main goal is a reduction of paper and enhancing process efficiency. It is often associated with content management systems, however, standalone DMS software is also available that control and organize all documents within an organization effectively.

Many of these DMS available today incorporate the standard practices related to physical documents, digitally. These include but are not limited to the storage location, security and access control, version control, audit trails, check-in/check-out and document lockdown.

Paper is expensive, wasteful and lacking security. It doesn’t have a place in the future world of business where digitization of every task and operation is inevitable. Organizations will eventually need to discard paper documents for electronic ones. A DMS can house and manage not just digitally created documents but captured ones as well. It often also includes functionality for text scanning in scanned documents to let you search for any document whether scanned or otherwise in a matter of seconds by entering the right associated keywords.

What are the benefits of Document Management Systems?

Detailed Search

Search not just from all your documents but through them as well. You can search based on keywords to retrieve documents

Coordinated Editing Features

A DMS houses such features that coordinate editing to ensure one user’s changes to a document do not overwrite another’s.

Version Control

It lets you view and keep track of all previous versions of a document while also providing the option to roll-back.

Full Document Audit Trail

Document logging and audit trail lets you see who made what changes to a document during its existence on your system.


The freedom once you go paperless will bring happiness to the whole office. When you give up searching through paper files by hand, jamming signed forms through the fax machine, hauling bins full of bad print jobs to the shredder.

Save Time

Time is money, quite literally, and it doesn’t stand truer anywhere else than it does for businesses. Instead of hours spent managing, searching, and faxing documents, save on all that useless time wasted and more when you switch to a DMS.

Find Documents

As the number of documents and forms ranging in complexity, importance, and different business areas pile up, it gets really annoying trying to find them and keep them organized. A DMS lets you organize your forms and documents easily.

Cloud Integration

Give your employees the level of access they need, from where they need to be as well. Powerful Cloud integration tools give you the power to take your office everywhere you go and send data wherever you need to, instantly.

DMS solutions suited for small to medium businesses

Document Management

Document Management systems help you keep track of the files and documents that you use to run your business. By using a document management system to track, manage, store your documents you can find the key documents that you need.

Content Management

ECM is how the combination of the workflows and process and how business stores and manages the document, and other content of the business. It is important not to believe that document management is the same as enterprise content management.


Alfresco is a tried and true open source solution for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BCM). Alfresco is used Worldwide in over 1,800 companies in a variety of services such as financial, healthcare, and public sectors.


Chronoscan is a cost-effective zonal OCR scanning software. This software saves many businesses countless hours buy sorting documents by extracting key information from the document

Ezuno Desktop

Ezuno is a desktop manager for Alfresco that is affordable to help increase your employee’s efficiency when interacting and managing the documents and content stored in your Alfresco repository.

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Get the latest information about the changes in DMS software and what you need to implement a DMS at your business, allowing you to make your business more efficient and profitable.

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If you are like the thousands of other small to medium business, then your business is still driven by paper and printers. It is easy for the paper costs to skyrocket, with having to print twice or more, costly printer maintenance contracts, disposing of rejected prints, getting new toner, etc. When you start using a document management solutions all of that changes. You will become more efficient and save a ton money.

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