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We offer consulting services for the deployment and customization of many clouds and open source document management solutions.

Pegas Offers Expert Document Capture Consulting & Development Services; Ensuring Key Stakeholders are involved with the ECM Implementation and Providing a Rapid ROI

How Can Document Capture Solution Help Your Business?

Chronoscan is a cost-effective zonal OCR scanning software. This software saves many businesses countless hours buy sorting documents by extracting key information from the document. Chronoscan can connect to external database like your ERP, HRM, ECM, etc.. It is CMIS ready so we can connect it to your open source alfresco install automatically adding document Metadata and placing the file in the correct folder in the ECM.

What are the benefits of Document Capture Software?

Zonal OCR

Create powerful templates that allow you to create zones of documents and select only the information you.

XML/ CSV Export

Automatically take key data from document and export into a csv file without user interaction.

Bar Code Capabilities

Chronoscan can extract barcodes and use them for a database, exporting, file naming, etc.

Document Capture

Easily scan documents and capture all of the important information you need sorting automatically.

Document Separation

Automatically take key data from document and export into a csv file without user interaction.

Watched Hot Folders

Scan many documents and save into a “hot folder” and automatically execute jobs.

Data Extraction

Take important document information like invoice numbers and import into external systems accordingly.

PDF Data Extraction

Chronoscan has been designed to automate most tasks like, pdf renaming or data capture.

CMIS Ready

Export captured data or document to any system that support CMIS. Like alfresco or ERPNext.

Get Started With a Document Capture System Today!

Are you still scanning and sorting your ducments by hand?

Most small to medium business are adopting document management systems, to save money, be greener, get out of all of the printer maintenance contracts, etc. Many businesses will then start to scan and sort all of their paper documents into the new document management system. Not you. You’re going to employ a document capture solution to automate all of that sorting.

  • Automated Sorting
  • CMIS support
  • Alfresco Integration
  • Document Capture Training
  • Document Migrations and transformation
  • DMS Integration