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Get Control of Your Paperwork Using an Open Source Document Management System

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A DMS or Document Management System is like a digital filing system for your electronic documents that helps you store, manage, track, and retrieve easily. Its main goal is a reduction of paper and enhancing process efficiency. It is often associated with content management systems, however, standalone DMS software is also available that control and organize all documents within an organization effectively.

Many of these DMS available today incorporate the standard practices related to physical documents, digitally. These include but are not limited to the storage location, security and access control, version control, audit trails, check-in/check-out and document lock down.

Paper is expensive, wasteful and lacking security. It doesn’t have a place in the future world of business where digitization of every task and operation is inevitable. Organizations will eventually need to discard paper documents for electronic ones. A DMS can house and manage not just digitally created documents but captured ones as well. It often also includes functionality for text scanning in scanned documents to let you search for any document whether scanned or otherwise in a matter of seconds by entering the right associated keywords.

What are the benefits of Document Management Systems?

Full Text Search

Find any document in your system just like a search engine on the web!

File Permissions

Not everyone needs access to the entire document repository, a good document management system comes with robust access control levels.

Version Control

File Versioning allows your company to keep an evolving backup of your documents, and “roll-back” changes if needed, in case something should happen during an edit.

Smart Folders

Create smart folders, dynamically link documents, and manage master copies of documents.

Built In Workflows

Create workflows to manage related forms, even down to field validation and auto-fill. Power your forms with the same technologies as the web.

Folder Rules

Folder rules can update, move, and create documents based on predefined sets of triggers. Adjust and manage them from easy to use dashboard controls.

Mobile Ready

Smartphone enabled features such as remote access through a dedicated app, and integrated applications

Document Metadata

Save and edit tags, descriptions, and other meta data easily, on all documents. Add comments, annotations as well.

Records Management

Most businesses need to retain records for a certain amount of time, and a good Document Management System will allow you to stay in compliance, hassle free.

Get Started With a Document Management System Today.

How would you like to be able to find documents in seconds?

If you are like the thousands of other small to medium business, then your business is still driven by paper and printers. It is easy for the paper costs to skyrocket, with having to print twice or more, costly printer maintenance contracts, disposing of rejected prints, getting new toner, etc. When you start using a document management solutions all of that changes. You will become more efficient and save a ton money.

  • Document Storage
  • Document Capture
  • Hosted DMS onsite or in the cloud
  • DMS platform Training
  • Document Migrations and transformation
  • DMS Integration