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Electronic Medical and Health Records

We provide an innovative, easy to use interface that is capable of organizing, storing, and updating your patient’s electronic medical records.

Pegas Offers Expert Electronic Medical Health Records Consulting & Development Services. We built Medical Solutions for you, with you, So you can provide effective services For your patient.

We understand that Doctors and other medical personal are business people in addition to their practice. Like all other business men and women the technology they use needs to be efficient and reliable to run effective. We provide technology solutions and support for enterprise-level small to mid-sized companies in Maine. We do this by utilizing Electronic Medical Records and Electronic Health Records We understand that when it comes to medical practice’s that you need someone who is ready 24 hours a day. This is why we are available for emergencies 24/7 at (207) 313-4821. Working with Pegas Technology Solutions Inc. will bring you capabilities to bring your patients another level of care.

Cost efficiency

Fast updates to patient records.

Electronic Medical Records allow for immediate update to patient medical records. These electronic updates are especially helpful for patient visits that involve multiple practitioner interactions. Electronic medical records is a data solution that eliminates the need for medical transcripts with saves money. Then the patient data can be organized and distributed. The U.S. Federal Government has incentives for companies to switch to Electronic Medical Records in ways such as stimulus packages like The “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.”

At Pegas Technology Solutions you can reach our invaluable I.T. consulting and support staff at (207) 313-4821.

Medical Practitioner Friendly Solutions

Pegas Technology Solutions offers customizable Electronic record packages that are developed with medical practitioners in mind.

Paper files are time excessive compared to electronic files. By shifting from paper files and records to Electronic files and records you can:

      1. record information faster
      2. find records fast
      3. update records with ease
      4. migrate information with ease
      5. keep track of you files more effectively

Focus on your practice, not your technology.

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OpenEMR For Small To Medium Medical Practices

OpenEMR works for small Health Centers and full-size hospitals, it is flexible and adapts to your needs no matter the size of your company. Avoid costly mistakes and keep your patient scheduling efficient and accurate with OpenEMR.

Open Dental For Small to Medium Dental Offices

Open Dental is certified for use in public dental offices, private practices, as well as universities and hygiene clinics. Its extensive feature set and thorough records ensure every aspect of your patients’ record are covered.

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