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Human Resource Management (HRM)

Human resource management software allows you to manage your staff and drive more revenue back into your business

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Any organization’s greatest resource is its workforce. For an organization to be successful and experience steady growth it is important to nurture and retain its workforce. As your employees become better at their work over time, so does your business as a whole. Human Resource Management is all about managing this important and greatest of resources of an organization.

It is important not just to acquire the best talent but to retain it as well. Hiring is costly, and not something you want to do every few months or so because of a vacated position. Three core responsibilities of any HR department can be summed up in these three categories staffing or hiring, employee compensation and benefits, and defining and designing work

An HR department also keeps tracks of all ethical and legal requirements that come into play when dealing with your employees. Personnel problems occur in all businesses, regardless of size.

How a HRM Can Help Your Business.

Performance Management

After each individual’s role in an organization has been defined. It is important to monitor and motivate them for maximum output. HR keeps track of performance and provides feedback to help employees improve.

Manage Change

Every business experiences ups and downs. Finances vary, employees come and go. HRM systems can help you manage and implement changes necessary

Hiring and Training

Hiring and training are one of the most important duties of an HR department. They design the job description, the job, and the onboarding process as well. Once the best candidate has been hired.

Talent Retention

Hiring the best person for the job isn’t enough, you need to keep them occupied and engaged with your company. Software solutions can help with that

Conflict Management

No matter how much you may try to avoid them, conflicts can occur between employees and employers as a result of disagreements. HR works as an effective mediator for resolving such issues in an organization.

Culture and Values

HRM can help make sure all of your employees have access the latest company information. helping build a culture within a company defining policies, values, traditions, beliefs, and rules.

ERP solutions suited for small to medium businesses

Sentrifugo HRM

Sentrifugo HRM is probably the best-known open source HRM projects in the marketplace today. The system is completely customizable allowing you to add new fields and forms anywhere you need.

Open Source HRM

When a business chooses an Open Source HRM that gives the human resource modules to run their business. Open Source HRM Systems allows a business to track every step of their employees journey.

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Are you still managed your employees on paper?

Being a small business owner, we know that you are lucky if you can afford to have a human resource manager. Have you ever seen not overloaded with paperwork? They have to hire new staff, keep employee information updated, managed payroll, etc. You know they need help, so you can get another employee or find implement a human resource management system.

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