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Open Dental For Small to Medium Dental Offices

We provide an innovative, easy to use interface that is capable of organizing, storing, and updating your patient’s electronic medical records.

Pegas Offers Expert Electronic Medical Health Records Consulting & Development Services. We built Medical Solutions for you, with you, So you can provide effective services For your patient.

One of the top names in dental software, Open Dental set a new standard. Many dental offices complain about the cost of software from some of the major brands. Either the cost of the software and subscriptions or the expensively paid training seem to be the chief complaints. Other issues such as overly complicated interfaces hiding information, or lacking proper imaging features really can affect your workflow. Traditional systems might require expensive per seat licenses, causing staff to share accounts and eventually slow down the entire office. Open Dental aims to keep your practice running and let you deal with as much or as little data as you need. It has many configuration options and strategies to best serve your practice needs. With a traditional server-client deployment strategy, many professionals will find a familiar environment. You can rest comfortably knowing are in control of your data, and it stays local and secure.

Open Dental is certified for use in public dental offices, private practices, as well as universities and hygiene clinics. Its extensive feature set and thorough records ensure every aspect of your patients’ record are covered. It works with your imaging software to provide the vital pieces of your dental charts. You can keep records unique to each location, or share them throughout your offices. No matter the size of your dental practice, Open Dental can scale to suit your needs. Install it for use by a single dentist, or across an entire school, there are several strategies designed to meet your requirements. The platform offers several solutions for security, so it can adapt to a pre-existing strategy. Presenting such a thorough and mature set of options and features, Open Dental is an obvious choice for any dental practice.

Open Dental Features And Benefits

Customized Discount And Payment Plans

Sliding Scale Fees and Discounts are a common aspect of running a successful dental practice. Open Dental allows you to be flexible with your payment methodologies.


View and print standard and customized charts from within Open Dental, follow trends in patient health with graphing and visualization features.

Graphical Dental Chart

Utilize on screen imaging imported from external imaging tools to diagnose and plan dental treatments. Integrated tools allow you to peruse and manage patient imaging history, even share between locations.

E Prescribing

Set up patient prescriptions electronically, within the EHR itself. Manage past medications, track current prescriptions, and more.

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