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OpenEMR For Small To Medium Medical Practices

We provide an innovative, easy to use interface that is capable of organizing, storing, and updating your patient’s electronic medical records.

Pegas Offers Expert Electronic Medical Health Records Consulting & Development Services. We built Medical Solutions for you, with you, So you can provide effective services For your patient.

Health care professionals depend on more than just record-keeping when treating patients. EHR systems exist not only to replace traditional paper charts but to enhance the quality of care. Medical professionals around the world depend on OpenEMR. The practice management features allow you to configure the system to keep your agency running the way it always has. Manage employee roles, handle inventory, requisitions, pharmacy levels, billing, patient reminders and much more. OpenEMR works for small Health Centers and full-size hospitals, it is flexible and adapts to your needs no matter the size of your company.

The elephant in the room for most health agencies is billing. How does your EHR currently handle it? Do you use a clearinghouse? There is so much complication in billing insurance these days. OpenEMR is able to bill using x12 as well as other common clearinghouse formats. Connect with your billing partners faster and directly, using OpenEMR. Get integrated billing, and put a lot of wasted time and effort behind you. After configuration, you can bill regularly and on time, supporting everything from individuals with single encounters to batch billing. Your accountants have access to important features allowing them to correct any errors with integrated editing and error logging. Review encounter information while correcting claims, without needing any extra software.

OpenEMR features comprehensive scheduling and appointment management. Set up a new appointment in five steps. Check availability status of providers, and search for an available time slot, all from an easy to use a calendar. Add patient reminders, reoccurring appointments, and more. Avoid costly mistakes and keep your patient scheduling efficient and accurate with OpenEMR.

Get customized reports and forms for your OpenEMR system. Get your custom dataset applied to treatment plans, patient demographics, or agency management; the choice is yours. OpenEMR features flexible form types and custom datasets to support the variety of specialists in the medical field. There are also community supported packages available with ready to use customizations as well.

OpenEMR Features And Benefits

Customize-Able EMR

OpenEMR is free and open-source, you pay for support and customization. With a commercial EHR system, you cannot modify it. Customized features may lose functionality after an update, leaving your patient records a confusing mess. OpenEMR encourages you to customize it. The OpenEMR development team welcomes these changes back to the community


Easy to use scheduling, get a patient appointment set up in five clicks. Set patient reminders, configure regular patient visits, and get comprehensive availability, all from an easy to use calendar.

Patient Records

Manage lab results and requests easily with the system, and reduce the wait for patients and staff. Get the results saved right in your patient record, and instant provider notifications.

Co-managed IT Department

Small and medium-sized enterprises typically cannot afford the expense to employ an internal IT department. Though having knowledgeable IT personnel is important to keep up with daily maintenance, technological issues, IT projects, and IT support. An IT department will prevent downtime and keep things running smoothly.

Access Control Levels

OpenEMR has strong and adept Access Control Levels, allowing the many different roles in your company to focus on what is important to them, and prevent any violations of HIPAA policies.


OpenEMR billing tools are streamlined and efficient. Repair errors and resubmit easily with concise encounter integration, and avoid difficult hand editing.

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