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Waterville Maine VoiP Consultants

3CX Cut Your Costs

We offer consulting services for the deployment and customization of many 3CX and many open source VoiP Solutions.

3CX makes it easy to save on your telecommunication expenses by using proper sip trunks. When you host your 3cx instance in the cloud, you will often save even more. It allows you to scale your VoIP phone system when you need to provide you with flexible pricing strategies.

3CX provides the users with the opportunity to communicate and stay connected with the colleagues at all times. You won’t need to worry about spending money to maintain the IP PBX or invest in the new pieces of hardware, like servers.

  • You can easily communicate with colleagues from anywhere.
  • You can make office calls even on the go.
  • Save money on the monthly call expenses through the usage of preferred SIP trunks.
  • Minimize the expenses of operating 800 number calls.

IP PBX designed to fit your budget

We will be able to provide you with IP PBX solutions, that will meet your needs and within your budget. The solutions that we offer are highly scalable, allowing your phone system to grow with your business. Your VoIP phone system can be hosted in the cloud or premise with a server or virtualized on your servers.

  • You can make a selection in between self-hosting or running on your hardware.
  • UC features will come to you at no extra cost.
  • No need to hire technicians and pay for them.

How 3CX Can Help Your Business.


Keep in touch on the phone, whatever your phone. Use your work line at your desk, mobile, even on your laptop or tablet. Easily switch to a different device mid-call, without issues.


Shared Video link allowing video call to and from Mobile, Tablet, or Computer. Switch the call between devices instantly.

Instant Message

Integrated file share and chat system allows you to stay connected with your team, and keep sharing files while on the go. Easily switch to a voice or video call with a tap or a click.

Status Notifications

Find out who is available, and know who is busy, with automatic Status Updates for calls, meetings, and manual settings.

Desktop Sharing

Managing a meeting with a remote team is easier with desktop sharing. Broadcast a presentation or demonstrate directly from your desktop to the rest of the team.

Mobile Apps

Keep connected with dedicated mobile apps, for Android and iPhone. Enjoy the same service from the office, from wherever you are.


Collaboration rooms allow you to invite other people online into a private workspace to get work done. Even if the users are in the system or external contractors, you are in control.


Connect with third party applications, and pass contacts, data, and documents between select business applications.

Get Started with a VoIP PBX Solution Today!

Would you like a phone system that keeps you connected, to your team and customers?

Discover how a voice over IP solution simplifies your communication platform. By using a VoIP system your business will be able to communicate more effectively your customers and integrates into many of the same tools your business is already using.

  • IP PBX Support
  • VoIP Support
  • VoIP Integrations
  • Hosted PBX onsite or in the cloud
  • VoIP Migrations
  • VoIP Training

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