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Waterville Maine Unified Communication/ VoiP Consultants

Unified Communications, Maine

Today, everyone is on the go and we need to be able to stay connected even more. Pegas Technology Solutions has many communication solutions that will fit your needs.

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Pegas Offers Expert Unified Communications Consulting & Development Services; Ensuring Key Stakeholders are involved with the UC Implementation and Providing a Rapid ROI

Communication is essential for all businesses. While intercompany communication is important, the most important area to have good communication is with the audience you are looking to sell your services or products. The efficiency in the way you get your point across can be the difference between whether you continue to expand, or you begin to falter. Apart from business deals, every business has an audience that it caters to. It is vital to attract attention and hold it. This is where business communication comes in. It is important to explain all company policies to customers as well as answer any queries they might have.

Do not lose touch with your important projects and contacts while out of the office. Stay connected through modern, secure technologies, with access to vital images, documents, and business contacts. Peace of mind over any network with secure, encrypted remote management tools, all baked in.

Forget about dragging potential clients to the office; meet them where it matters, at the job site, at the coffee shop. Beat the clock by doing work when you need to, not when you can get to the office. Keep the office with you, ready when you want it.

Unified Communication Benefits


Keep in touch on the phone, whatever your phone. Use your work line at your desk, mobile, even on your laptop or tablet. Easily switch to a different device mid-call, without issues.

Instant Message

Integrated file share and chat system allows you to stay connected with your team, and keep sharing files while on the go. Easily switch to a voice or video call with a tap or a click.

Desktop Sharing

Managing a meeting with a remote team is easier with desktop sharing. Broadcast a presentation or demonstrate directly from your desktop to the rest of the team.


Collaboration rooms allow you to invite other people online into a private workspace to get work done. Even if the users are in the system or external contractors, you are in control.


Shared Video link allowing video call to and from Mobile, Tablet, or Computer. Switch the call between devices instantly.

Status Notifications

Find out who is available, and know who is busy, with automatic Status Updates for calls, meetings, and manual settings.

Mobile Apps

Keep connected with dedicated mobile apps, for Android and iPhone. Enjoy the same service from the office, from wherever you are.


Connect with third party applications, and pass contacts, data, and documents between select business applications.

How a CRM can help your Business.


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IP PBX System

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Kolab Email

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Zimbra Email

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Cloud Solutions

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