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Waterville Maine Server Virtualization Consultants

Virtualization Overview

Todays companies depend upon the software applications that run their business. the software simply needs to work all the time. pegas technology solutions has helped many businesses migrate servers to virtual machines, saving money and reducing failover complexity

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Pegas Offers Expert Virtualization Consulting & Development Services; Ensuring Key Stakeholders are involved in your Virtualized Infrastructure Implementation.

Virtualization is a reliable, proven software technology that has evolved to support many aspects of the IT Industry. Todays’ companies can benefit from several different approaches, and our consultants can help. Virtualization allows a business to devote the exact amount of hardware necessary to support an application, as well as consolidate hardware resources from networked systems. Whatever size your business, you can benefit from adding virtualization technology to your IT Strategy. Protect your data with proven networked fail-over solutions, and ensure fast, reliable access to your key software assets. Give our expert Server Administrators an opportunity to examine your infrastructure, and they will develop a plan to help you deploy fail-over and backup strategies, load balancing, or other virtualization applications your company can benefit from.

Some Benefits of Virtualization

Server Workload Consolidation

Use virtualization to efficiently access and manage office applications, document management and employee filesystems. Reduce SAAS costs by running server applications in house and in your private cloud. Connect remote virtual servers in the cloud to your local hardware deployments, ensuring your employees constant access to important files and applications. Replication services protect your system from slowdown, or worse crashes, during your peak access times. Manage this efficiently with a local to cloud replication service for E-Mail, Databases, and more! Ensure your critical business applications stay backed up and running smoothly. Manage changes to your network by utilizing custom development and staging environments built to match your deployment scenarios, local or in the cloud. Reduce your time to market with streamlined, efficient virtualization techniques using the latest advancements in the field. Our consultants will guide you through the process of choosing the right strategy, from containers, Virtual Images, continuous integration platforms, to entire virtualized server environments.

Server Workload Optimization

Increase performance of your key business applications with our workload optimization experts. We will examine your business scenario, and identify specific bottlenecks in network usage, hardware infrastructure, and software deployments. Our Systems Administrators will renegotiate deployments of your integral assets to ensure smooth access, even during peak usage hours. By determining the difficulties you have in your system usage, our analysts can choose the virtualization products best suited for your needs. Decrease access time for shared filesystems, increase network access volume, guarantee access to important business documents… there is a lot virtualization can do for your business. Get in touch and let Pegas Technology Solutions help you optimize your system today.

Improved Return on Investment

Get the most out of your Information Technology investment with virtualization strategies for your IT department. Ensure your company laptops always stay up to date with virtualization tools for managing your employee operating systems. Keep your OS images up to date and running smooth, and easily deploy to any number of workstations with our powerful software tools. Push updates to a virtual environment, ensuring compatibility with your existing software. Keep an eye on your investments with advanced monitoring tools for network file systems, E-Mail, Databases, VMs, and more. Stay updated on network use, speeds, and who is accessing your network as well. Give your IT team the edge to keep your company moving forward. Register today to get your free virtualization consultation and benefit from the latest technologies.

Virtualization Solutions for Small to Medium Business


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Virtualization for SMB

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 Get Your Servers Virtualized Today And Change Your Business Overnight. Virtualization Will Assist You Modernizing Your IT Systems And Make It Easier For Your Business To Adapt To Emerging Challenges Your Business Might Face.

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