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Waterville Maine Brand Identity Consultants

Brand Identity For Maine Business

Brand development is important for any business but it comes to the forefront on the internet. what makes you different from all of your competitors and what will make customers want to buy from you.

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Innovative Graphic and Web Designs for Your Brand

There is more to your brand than your logo and business name. We build logos that resonate with your brand. Your brand represents your business and what it does. It’s your chance to relate to your audience. Your brand symbolizes who you are and how you view the future. It is thus critical to identify your marketing strategy first before building your business logo.

We Help Build A Brand Strategy That Considers…

  • Your Target Customers
  • Your Competitors
  • Your Customers’ Development
  • Your Organization’s Goals
  • Your Brand Positioning
  • Your Messaging Channels
  • Your Organization Name, URL and Social Media Platforms
  • Your Logo and Tagline
  • Your Site’s Fonts and Colors
  • The Look of Your Site’s Images and Videos

Our Branding Process

Branding encompasses you and your organization. We aspire to bring out the best in every brand. We change brands from good to great. In order for our professional team to capture who you are as a brand through a beautiful design, we created a proven, research-backed process that we can take pride in and ensures you that you get the very best.


This is where we get more information about you, your expectations, your organization’s history, your goals, your products and services, your ideas, and your vision. After gathering such information, we then consider your competitors, your niche, as well as your target market. This is essential before we can tailor our services to your needs.


Once the data has been gathered, we will create your first logo design. Our professional creative team will build a logo with a symbol, fonts, and colors that represent your brand. Once the team is satisfied, we will ask you to review it. Then, we revise it accordingly.


A brand style guide is your company’s branding DNA. It describes how your brand would look like in various media channels. We create your company’s brand style guide which includes your brand story, the approved versions of your logo, the color palette, typography, imagery, and voice. This brand guide will be your point of reference for any design project in the future.


Sometimes, the logo does not fully represent your brand. This is where a tagline comes to play. We help create a tagline that creates an impression to your audience, enhances your organization’s message, and provides additional information. Our team of creatives will help you come up with a tagline and find the right words that helps you achieve just that.

Our Branding and Logo Design Services

Branding is all about making a connection to your audience. It is all about leaving an impression in the minds of your audience.To engage your audience, evoke positive responses. We are know how to do all this and more. We will help you create a brand that stands out. You can count on us to deliver exceptional work

Branding Strategic Design

To boost audience trust, all channels and platform that your business uses have the same message, story, and design. We provide brand identity guides that shows your approve brand logos and variations, as well as guidelines on color, typography, and imagery.

Print Design Services

It is not just about the virtual. It is also about what’s tangible and material. Whether you want your company logo and information be printed out on a mug, t-shirt, or brochure for a company event or giveaway – we have it all for you!

Custom Logo Design

Everyone knows the importance of a logo – it is the first thing that a potential buyer sees. It makes first impressions. Our creative team specializes in crafting appealing, unique, and timeless logo designs that suit your brand. We help you create a custom logo by keeping your brand and business goals in mind. Logos are important because they appear everywhere – on your website, social media profiles, emails, business cards, banners, and more! We consider the perfect colors, shape, and style – all that is needed to create a unique brand.

Photography and Videography

Photos and videos are parts of your website’s visual storytelling. Photos and videos can either enhance or ruin your design. To create a website that appeals to its visitors, professional photos and videos are worth the investment. Creating your own photography and videography can establish an emotional connection to your audience. So, what are you doing with those mediocre stock photos? Our team of experienced photographers and videographers will help you create professional, high-resolution photos and videos that will definitely make a positive first impression.

Digital Asset Design

You have your logo, your banner, header, photography, and videography – but, those are still not enough to give your visitors the best site experience. Digital assets are another story. These help spice up your users’ experience. Digital assets include eBooks, PDF and Word files, infographics, PR, interactive content, quizzes, tutorial videos, galleries, blog posts, audiovisual media, animations, illustrations and a multitude more!

Social Media Design

We provide social media design services to help your company to effectively brand all of your social media platforms. To leave a good impression to your potential buyers, your social media profiles should be consistent as well. We will also help you create your branded for your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and other channels. Powerful designs on social media can result to conversions!

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Branding Consistency Is Critical to Your Busines

It is quite easy to create blog posts, Ebooks, and other content. Your brand should develop your customers’ awareness, trust, and loyalty. Thus, the importance of brand consistency. Once your brand is created, what’s next? Keep in mind that wherever you put your brand name on – that may be social media accounts, business cards, promotional and packaging materials, videos, and more – they become part of your brand identity. Any inconsistencies may hurt your company reputation and credibility.

Our team recognizes the importance of brand consistency, so we make sure that your brand’s voice and visual identity is consistent across all channels. With this process, we maintain the highest level of success of our clients’ branding campaigns.

Our team is in charge of the analysis, review, optimization, design, and content production of our clients’

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