Website Design for Maine Businesses

Most business don’t need a website that flashy or having the latest fads that could go out of style next year. Our websites are designed to promote your brand and are driven to allow you to collect leads for your business.

Maine Web Design

When Pegas Web Design starts any website development or marketing project we perform a comprehensive analysis of where you are to where you want be. We will develop a plan to get you there.

Having an effective designed websites is critical for every business today. Web design isn’t about the creating out if this world designs, flashy images, etc. It’s about generating value for your business. Pegas has several core principles that are designed to drive more visitors to your website, generate leads, and make your website work on any device. Our main focus when we are build a websites is functionality, will the website capture a visitors focus and convert them into a paying customer.

Content Integrated Design

Content is what drives home the message to your visitors. Pegas Technology Solutions Inc. will develop a website that inform your digital visitors in strategies that will captivate them. Our designs are dictated by each pages content and message. It’s like each room in a building. The size, shape, location, and purpose of the room is the content while the furniture, pictures, lights, and flooring are the design. They work to complement each other and form the room as a whole.

Moving forward with your Websites

After the initial designs of the website we conduct occasional audits. These audits allow us to form data collection and analysis that can lead to improvements in your website. Making these minute, subtle changes improves the web visitor's experience, thus initiating the chain: more leads → more client’s → higher revenue.

Learn the Pegas Difference, Dedication. Innovation. Trust.

Pegas Technology Solutions services and solution are tried and tested and are being used by businesses around the state of Maine. We are not your typical Technology Company, we are driven to see the success of our clients and our local community.

Boost your brand online and get more customers

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