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The Internet has become a necessity almost every home is connected to the internet and the users are increasing day by day. Those people who have realized the power of internet are using it as a useful source of marketing. They have been effectively using it as a channel to connect with people around different regions. In past different sources like newspaper, and advertisement on boards and weekly magazines were used for the advertisement it is still being used but most of the marketing is now done on the internet. From statistics, it has been proved that marketing using the internet is more effective than other sources.

Where online Marketing has found its use in almost every sector it has also found its application in the field of accounting.  In accounting, the accountant had to interact with different clients whether this interaction is with the client or with his college it can be done most effectively on the internet. Now a day almost everyone is easily available on the internet and we can access them without any difficulty. A large number of clients can easily be approached using the internet. There is no doubt investing in internet marketing will be a wise choice and will bring positive result in the long run.

It is of no surprise the demand and importance of online marketing is increasing day to day. Almost everyone knows how much this important. Unlike other sources, it is economical and easily available. And provides you the best rate of investment.  If YOU need to connect with the clients or you are promoting your firms you don’t need to worry its never been this easy.

Website Development

Your Website is critical to your promoting your non-profit mission.

Managed IT

We Provide a proactive approach to your information technology.

Application Development

We help you with the application you need to support your organization.

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Traditional Marketing has become Obsolete

Where online marketing can be an effective tool for reaching the specifically targeted people by mailing on specific lists and using ads, while it increases the business there is one more advantage associated with it. It is also used to make a reputation of the organization we can use it as an effective tool to show your clients why YOU are the best fit and how can YOU be the best choice. It can be used as a tool for building a reputation and to let others know about your mission statement. A wise use of marketing strategies can easily capture the client in a very short period and build curiosity in them to know more about YOU.  We can create your internet profile strong and when people will visit that profile they will know what you are capable of and how you are the best choice, how you can perform the task like no one can. We know how to sell your service to them.

Today is the era of digital technology everything is being digitalized people are trying to make their and customers live easy by making everything digital. Almost every information is available on the internet. If one wants to know about something first thing he does is look on the internet. No doubt internet has become the best source for providing the information most easily. If anyone wants to avail some service and he is investing in it first thing he does is look on the internet for the organization’s profile who is performing this service. If he is unable to find anything on the internet he gets discouraged and suspicious about the capabilities of the organization.  Today in modern age people have become critical thinkers they choose everything wisely and do a lot of homework before getting into business with anyone and they have right to. So, if they don’t find anything on the internet the natural response of mind will be to create a negative image and doubt their service. One thing is clear how much this profile making is important for any brand.  Most of the high performing Certified Public Accountants which are performing very well have a very strong profile on the internet. Apart from their good service one of the reasons behind their success is good marketing strategies.  From all above discussion, YOU can easily recognize how much a well-designed website is important. This website not only should contain the profile of the organization but also should cover why and how YOU are different from others.

As a CPA YOU have a limited budget and resources for marketing you can’t spend a lot of budget on marketing. If you have a low budget and you can’t risk it by investing on different useless source then you are in a right place. We offer you internet marketing which is one of the most economical and effective sources than other sources. It is well-established fact that ROI of online marketing is more than the ROI of any other marketing sources.


Get found by donors through using Google Adwords.


Communicate with donors and promote your non-profit on Facebook.

Website and Marketing

Today you need to have a modern website and marketing plan

Get Started With Marketing Your Non Profit

Creating your profile and reputation

Each firm is judged by its reputation, reputation is one of the most important things in a business. How the company performing is the direct measure of reputation. So, having a good reputation is one of the most important things to consider while getting in Accounting. Your client will only trust you if you have a good reputation. If you have a bad reputation no matter how much good accounting services you provide barely anyone will trust you. There is no doubt in the fact that online reputation does matter. If YOU don’t have a good reputation on Internet YOU don’t need to worry let us worry about that. We can easily build a good eye-catching reputation for you. Not only we will create a good reputation for YOU but also, we will optimize the Search result for YOU.

Building reputation is not that much difficult task than maintaining it but YOU don’t have to worry about that either. We provide the best service to maintain your reputation. Our service offers checks on a regular interval and enlists the factors which can damage your reputation. We reply to each question on YOUR behalf to the clients in order to satisfy them. Client’s satisfaction is granted. We have a team full of energetic and qualified people who can assist you if you have any type of human power shortage.

10k a Month

Get 10k of Google Adwords for your Non-Profit.


Allow more people to discover your Non Profit though ads.


To get the Google AdWords you must meet their criteria.

Get Started With Marketing Your Non Profit

Use of Modern Websites

It’s not about creating a website only by creating a website won’t take you long run there are many services with website yet they are not successful aim is to make the best website. The primary drive should be to make a website which is modern well designed and well maintained. By designing a website that is not so organized is of no use. If you are not continuously maintaining and updating the website it will have a very negative impression it indirectly shows how much serious you are.

Its give an impression to the visitors that if you can’t even do your website right, how will you promise satisfactory services to us. What does it take to have an eye-catching website? The one in which nothing is messed up everything is clear and you can easily navigate around your website. The interface is user-friendly user don’t need to struggle to find the required information. Every information is easily available. It should provide information about YOU and YOUR services how YOU deal with client’s information about YOUR past client’s experience. How their satisfaction is your best priority. You can easily point out the badly designed websites it appears most down in the search field.

Easy to Use

Keep your website easy to use and allow your users find the content they want

Open Source Software

The software you use should be free to install and use for your organization

CiviCRM Integration

Integrate CiviCRM into your website to manage your organization

Get Started With Marketing Your Non Profit

CPA Marketing using social media sights

Among online marketing, we believe nothing can do better promotion than online marketing. Almost everyone is available on social media sights like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. So, for the fastest promotion of yourself, Social media is the best choice. We can promote your service and can attract your new clients by making YOUR page, groups. Making a new post and keeping your page active is one of the most important tasks when you are doing promotion through social media. No one trusts a page which is not up to date. However, and up to date page and the well-managed page is the one which is the most successful.  One can easily access a large number of clients. There is an option of Boosting page which allows you to even reach more audience. If you can’t manage or update your page on regular basis we will do it for you.

Google My Business

Even though you are a non-profit GMB will help you get found.

Brand Loyalty

Allow your donors find you and interact with your brand

Reviews Dashboard

Get all of your reviews in one centralized dashboard.

Get Started With Marketing Your Non Profit

Social Media Marketing and Management

Social media allows you to create online communities of people that sympathize with your cause. You bolster their support by providing them recent and relevant content about the area of concern. This helps you reach out to a larger population and engage with your followers.

To this end, you will have to be very active on your social media accounts and will have to keep providing information and interact with your followers to allow the community to grow and prevent people from losing interest. This can be a time consuming and demanding task. A solution would be to use tools that allow you to schedule posts in advance but this tool still lacks the ability to answer queries and engage with your followers. If you’re not using any tool and want to be able to actively communicate with your followers we have a simple solution for you. Our team can be given the responsibility of posting relevant content on your social media, as well as resolve queries of your followers as quickly as possible in order to promote a more stable relationship with the online community. The team will not only help you manage your social media accounts across multiple platforms but will also assist you in tracking their performance and guide you in how to improve them.

Social media is also a great venue for advertising. Social media adverts will allow you to increase your organization’s online presence and by using the boosting feature across social media sites like Facebook you can broadcast your posts to a larger audience. Our Marketing service will be responsible for generating adverts that target your required audience and will look after the lead generations efforts as well. Our marketing endeavors are sure to improve your online image and spread your message across a large community.

Brand Monitoring

We help non-profit track their organization reputation

Social Media

We monitor your accounts behalf and engage with your audience.

Reviews Dashboard

Get all of your reviews in one centralized dashboard.

Get Started With Marketing Your Non Profit

Online Marketing Using adword

Google is one of the best and most widely used search engine. If one wants to search something new first thing he will do will look for it on the internet. One method of advertising is using the Google Adword. It allows you to show your ad on Google search engine. Now those ads which are above will get more visitors than ads which are below. We can help you to make your ad visible above.

Paid Search

Get 10k in Google Adwords to increase your reach.

Social Advertising

We help generate awareness about your brand, product or service

Increase ROI

We create cost-effective campaigns to help your organization

Get Started With Marketing Your Non Profit

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