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Online Marketing For Non-Profits

Professional and Experienced Marketing Team

Today, marketing is no longer just an important part of an organizations success, it has become an organization itself. Marketing is used to create, keep and satisfy the customer and effective marketing can become the bread and butter of any organization.

To become successful an organization has to broadcast its vision and its products to potential buyers.  However, Non-profit organizations have to face the biggest digital marketing hurdle to this end. Since non-profit organizations are charitable and not profit driven by nature, they have to further their social cause by operating and raising awareness without expending substantial resources in terms of both manpower and finance. To ameliorate this, we provide Online Marketing for Non-Profits, we strive to spread awareness of and advocate your social cause so that you can get the public support that you need.

By availing our service, you will effectively outsource your Marketing responsibilities to our proficient and capable team, whose full attention will be focused on helping you generate leads, create awareness about your social cause and gain benefactors that would assist you in furthering your objectives.

Our team is composed of marketing specialists who have been selected through careful screening and have proven themselves to be able to work in a variety of online marketing areas including search social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, video marketing and content marketing.

Website Development

Your Website is critical to your promoting your non-profit mission.

Managed IT

We Provide a proactive approach to your information technology.

Application Development

We help you with the application you need to support your organization.

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Traditional Marketing has become Obsolete

In their prime, traditional marketing schemes like fliers and newspaper adverts had proven themselves to be a reliable means of promoting an organizations vision and products, however, with the passage of time the effectiveness of such marketing methods has decreased. This is mainly due to the growing trend of internet and the popularity of social media among the newer generations. Activists, students and businessmen alike have their entire identity, professional and private, online. The entire audience from multiple industries and varying interests can be discovered and targeted on the internet. In fact, the internet has become so common that people prefer to spend most of their time online rather than reading newspapers or watching televisions. Hence, it only makes sense that we move from the traditional marketing approach to a digital approach owing that people have developed the tendency to read and discover most of the issues they are interested in on Google or find them on their Facebook Newsfeed, even surveys and reviews are now conducted online.  These reasons make Online Marketing for Non-Profits the ideal means of reaching out to the public.


Get found by donors through using Google Adwords.


Communicate with donors and promote your non-profit on Facebook.

Website and Marketing

Today you need to have a modern website and marketing plan

Get Started With Marketing Your Non Profit

Adwords for Non-Profits

Compared to the traditional forms of advertisement like billboards and bus benches, display ads over the internet and mobile apps have proven themselves to be a lot more versatile and effective. With the development of technology, we now have the ability to track the digital footprint made by individuals on the internet. This digital footprint allows us to understand the behavior and interest of individuals and specifically target them with the ads that they would be interested in. This greatly enhances the chance of advocating your message to individuals who are likely to support you.

Online portals and form submission has proven to be the preferred mode of signing up as members of an organization. It is a hassle-free method and allows people from all over the globe to become benefactors. It also allows people to fill in about their queries and get feedback easily.

10k a Month

Get 10k of Google Adwords for your Non-Profit.


Allow more people to discover your Non Profit though ads.


To get the Google AdWords you must meet their criteria.

Get Started With Marketing Your Non Profit

Modern and Advanced Websites

Developing a website which represents your online presence is perhaps the most rudimentary step towards digital marketing. A website can be used to provide your organizations insights and to broadcast your cause to the online community. The website has to be designed in such a manner that it attracts web surfers and remains user-friendly. People visiting the website should face little to no difficulty while navigating through the site’s architect and should easily be able to find the relevant information that they are looking for. Since online membership forms will be the preferred method of signing up, they will have to be simple to fill and should be easy to find. Any difficulty in finding or submitting the form might result in losing potential supporters. Also, if the advocated cause concerns a more global issue, the site should be able to work on multiple platforms and browsers and you should even consider having your website in more than one languages. While the basic architecture of the website would be designed for a computer browser, developing a mobile-friendly version should also be taken into consideration. Since even if people aren’t online from their computers all the time, they are online through their mobile phones most of the time.

We make sure that all these specifications are met and that visitors have an excellent user experience where the site is always online and loads within a few seconds. You and your visitors will both be benefited by availing our web design service. You will be relieved from

Easy to Use

Keep your website easy to use and allow your users find the content they want

Open Source Software

The software you use should be free to install and use for your organization

CiviCRM Integration

Integrate CiviCRM into your website to manage your organization

Get Started With Marketing Your Non Profit

Reputation and Recognition

In general, people would not be inclined to support a cause which is unfound in the eyes of the masses. Hence managing the reputation of the organization on the website and on social media is integral to maintaining its support. When negative review or charge against the cause can have detrimental effects. Our Reputation Management service is aimed to make sure that your site reviews are positive and that your online visibility is kept to a maximum, we will achieve this by online social monitoring, negative content filtering, spam filtering and maintaining online public relations. So that whenever there is harmful content being posted on your site, or you receive any negative review we will tackle the problem in the best possible way without harming your organization’s vision. Furthermore, we will maintain communications with the online community by resolving their queries as soon as possible according to the standards that you deem fit.

If you wish to preserve your resources or don’t find it feasible to manage your own online image across multiple platforms, we are the best solution you will come across.

Google My Business

Even though you are a non-profit GMB will help you get found.

Brand Loyalty

Allow your donors find you and interact with your brand

Reviews Dashboard

Get all of your reviews in one centralized dashboard.

Get Started With Marketing Your Non Profit

Social Media Marketing and Management

Social media allows you to create online communities of people that sympathize with your cause. You bolster their support by providing them recent and relevant content about the area of concern. This helps you reach out to a larger population and engage with your followers.

To this end, you will have to be very active on your social media accounts and will have to keep providing information and interact with your followers to allow the community to grow and prevent people from losing interest. This can be a time consuming and demanding task. A solution would be to use tools that allow you to schedule posts in advance but this tool still lacks the ability to answer queries and engage with your followers. If you’re not using any tool and want to be able to actively communicate with your followers we have a simple solution for you. Our team can be given the responsibility of posting relevant content on your social media, as well as resolve queries of your followers as quickly as possible in order to promote a more stable relationship with the online community. The team will not only help you manage your social media accounts across multiple platforms but will also assist you in tracking their performance and guide you in how to improve them.

Social media is also a great venue for advertising. Social media adverts will allow you to increase your organization’s online presence and by using the boosting feature across social media sites like Facebook you can broadcast your posts to a larger audience. Our Marketing service will be responsible for generating adverts that target your required audience and will look after the lead generations efforts as well. Our marketing endeavors are sure to improve your online image and spread your message across a large community.

Brand Monitoring

We help non-profit track their organization reputation

Social Media

We monitor your accounts behalf and engage with your audience.

Reviews Dashboard

Get all of your reviews in one centralized dashboard.

Get Started With Marketing Your Non Profit

Pay Per Click

Pay per click or PPC is an online marketing method in which advertisers pay a fee every time a user clicks on their advert link. In a manner, in this approach, you buy visits to your site rather than attempting to earn those visits organically. Using PPC lets search engines like google to give preference to your website if any of your decided keywords is used. It is an expansive way of advertising your organization and greatly improves the chances of people coming across your organization’s cause. Organizing a PPC campaign is a rewarding albeit risky means of marketing since any mistake can result in a loss of thousands of dollars. Hence, it is strongly recommended that you take help from a professional PPC campaign management firm like ours. We will make sure that your PPC campaign is successful and that the traffic to your organization’s website is greatly improved so that you are able to get the support you deserve.

Paid Search

Get 10k in Google Adwords to increase your reach.

Social Advertising

We help generate awareness about your brand, product or service

Increase ROI

We create cost-effective campaigns to help your organization

Get Started With Marketing Your Non Profit

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most proven form of online marketing. It allows you to target relevant prospects and send them information about your cause and prevents your emails from being considered spam. It is also very important that emails be sent to valid email addresses. Sending emails to automatically generated email addresses is both boorish and inefficient. Our Marketing team is responsible for maintaining a valid email directory and will send emails on behalf of its client to the relevant prospects only. Our marketing team will also help you devise a suitable template and help you include only the most necessary information in your emails in order to prevent the receiver from being put off by a bland and long wall of text. Our email marketing is sure to get you valuable customer insights and further your message across multiple communities.

Email Campaigns

Stay in contact and update your donors all through email automation.

Email Template Design

We help you create great looking templates inline with your design.

Tracking & Reporting

Get reports of your who, what, and where in your emails.

Get Started With Marketing Your Non Profit

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