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Workstation and Sever Installation

We are a local IT Service Company in the state of Maine. We offer End to End IT Solutions, allowing us to cover every aspect of our client’s technology needs.

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Workstation and Server Installation

When installing a service or software on a new system, get it done by an expert to save you time and headaches down the road.

Through the many internet hosting providers, it has never been easy to get a VPS on the internet that comes pre-installed with the particular software that you want. It is easy, and often it brings us to a false sense of trust. We feel that the server and the application are secure when they are often not. As a business owner, we know that something is too good to be true if it is too easy to obtain. These servers can be used, but they also need to be configured with best practices, securities, optimization, and monitorization. Pegas Technology Solutions engineers are experts at server and software configuration, and we will protect your business systems like our own. Your new system will be secure from the start and monitored to ensure that you say that way.

Benefits of Desktop and Server Installation


Every project is different and depending on the amount of traffic the application will be receiving will depend on the configuration. Pegas Technology Solutions engineers are extremely knowledgeable about how to scale an application properly. We will match the resources to only what you need.

Custom Configuration

When we perform a custom installation there are typically many dependencies that the software depends on. We look at the systems requirements and configure the server accordingly, we don’t like unnecessary modules that the software doesn’t depend on. We configure it properly, we install only required dependencies, preform test, and ensure that the server is optimized for the software.


The default installation script for most application can leave you vulnerable, to exploits and hackers. We solve all of these inconsistency that the script doesn’t cover. We secure all critical folders, set the proper permissions that the application needs, and we configure the firewall rules to block hackers from your server and applications.


With any configuration of a software and server, there is always basic wanted to be changed that will allow the solution to better serve your business. This could include a custom designed template, a basic module, or a full blow component, and we can develop that for you. Check out our development services.

Contact us today to start your Free 60 Day Managed IT Services trial. Using these services could change your business overnight. We will empower your employee’s and give management better insights into the business.

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